Need a anxious buddy to mutually motivate each other

I'm very new to this blog but I've been reading all postings andcan see many people in the state I'm in.I've had anxiety problems since I were a kid,now being a dad of 2 boys,holding a leading position at work has almost caused a breakdown and escalation of all the underlying anxiety/depressive symptoms.I've lost interest in everything and one minute I get some bright thoughts but have no energy to pursue it further.I am a person who prefers media as the way of communication, feeling socially isolated and would like to be involved through this website.Iam signed off work and been having counselling.Iam also looking for a buddy in my area to talk to,hit the gym,go out for walks etc.


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  • Welcome Sammy! well done you for joining us and I'm sure you will find this a good place to communicate and get involved. At this time you are depleted, drained of energy. It's a good time to learn more about your anxiety and depression and almost all of us on here suffer or have suffered in the past with these debilitating , horrible symptoms. I think it's great that you want to hit the gym and go out for walks! Best of Luck Sweetie

    Love and Hugs x Ella x

  • HI and welcome. ive never really thought about an anxiety buddie its a great idea but there never seems to be anyone in my area. what area are you in? x

  • Hi Ellabella and sam1981….Many thanks for your postings…I live in Ely near Cambridge and very welcome to likewise people…I never expected a quick response and never been felt valued so …..many thanks guys!!!!

  • I just cant get motivated to do minute I want to do things and next minute I'm withdrawn

  • Hi everyone,as we all know suffering from extreme anxiety/depression can be unbelievebly crippling, a buddy idea as Sammy suggested is a great idea,and adds extra support fo the condition,my name is Lisa and live in Jersey Channel Islands and just wondered if anyone on this site is nearby and would like to hook up,love and healing to everyone x

  • Hi Lisa, yes please x

  • Thanks Lisa,wish someone like you would be near to Cambridge.I've not had any contacts since my posting x

  • Hi, I live in Peterborough if thats near enough for you. I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety since March this year and now on anti-depressants which (fingers crossed) seem to have helped a lot. I feel much happier now and life seems to have a much better outlook.

  • That sounds good Fuengirola…I'm on the minimal dose of sertraline but I'm unsure whether its working or not.I've been feeling good today but it varies on a daily basis.I will be happy to talk to you over the phone to get some mutual help and perhaps meet at some point and work things out…Im about 30 miles away from Peterborough…I shall look forward to hearing from you….Take care!!

  • hi, I'm in jersey too loopy so please get in touch x

  • Sorry meant to write Lisa not loopy x

  • Hi guys, I have just joined the site and live in jersey too I would like to meet up and chat to people here with similar issues. I didn't realise it but I have been suffering from anxiety for years, it ruined university and my 20s. I just never fitted in and had no idea why. I have been alone with this for a long time and its given me a lot of hope by joining this site. I really want to take action and control my problems, I think I should go and see a doctor/therapist. I guess. Was always too proud to admit it in the past. Talking to people with similar experiences would really help as I feel quite isolated. Many thanks for all who contribute to this blog as it has really made me feel more part of something than i have for a long time.

  • Hi, Yep im in Jersey also, this site is great and everyone on it is fab. Its nice knowing others are around with the same probs x

  • Anyone in Cambridgeshire?

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