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Why me???????

Why me... Why has anxiety and depression cum knocking on my door??? All my life I av suffered. Sum years gud sum like last year just awful.

My friends av deserted me, work treats me like crap. Im always used and abused. Class myself as a loyal friend, gud at my job, a strong person until this monster cums bac.

Why is it I can't cope even with the little things in life. I feel a failure a total utter failure and sick to the bac teeth of it.

Been told it wil b a life long battle... Well I don't want to battle any more I want to live my life like everyone else... All the normal people I'm fed up with being treated differently.

Rant over. Sorry ; (

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Snap feel the same if we knew why and how come we could try and prevent this from happening we are normal x


We are normal!! Everyone handles things differently, you are not a failure.



I understand feeling like you are in a battle

Good advise on here telling us to stop fighting these feelings & accepting how we feel , eventually this takes away the control that it has over us , the more we accept

Dont no if this makes any sense to you , & it can take a while , but it does take the pressure away from this battle we feel we are in

You are not on your own the feeling of been used by everyone , maybe we feel this way because we are low , maybe we allow people to treat us this way as we dont feel worthy , another reason is we just want to be liked , then people take advantage , or are we just to nice !!!

Try not to take it personally , others dont even realise they are been this way , but as you start to feel stronger , you will stop allowing this to happen



I feel exactly the same,,, and cant wait till my 'normal' self comes back..... I thinks its cos were too nice and worry too much what other people think.... sometimes I wish I didnt give a crap... but then I think no, dont be like everyone else, no giving a crap.... and I can see there are some lovely people on this forum,,,, and that gives me hope!! xx


Iv been exactly the same for years, iv even had to go back on meds in october last year, i feel as if iv been ill for months since starting back on them, but its my body adjusting to them and with my stress levels and anxiety heightened, iv been ill with a chest infection for weeks. Anyways, i have my down days but must say my anxiety has now subdued and im eating properly again (my anxiety stopped me from eating, had panic attacks when i ate), even having the odd bar of chocolate which i wouldnt touch until i went back on meds.



I asked my self for many years now "why me"?and I don t have an answer but I know that we are human being and all unique.Some people have mental health issues some others have other problems.I m glad we are all different from each other.We are ,after all ,special but in a good way...




Hi, I am the exactly the same. When I read your post I thought I had written it and forgot about it!

I don't know why we feel like this and why we seem to always trying to please others, like we need their acceptance and want people to like us. I am really paranoid about what others think too. I have always worked hard at my job and thought I was getting somewhere but due to my depression and anxiety coming back with a huge force last October, my work is suffering and I feel as though I have been demoted. Doc signed me off for 1 week as my heart was beating too fast and I had to have an ECG. I am now on beta blockers which are helping with the anxiety. I never handed in my sick note as I was too scared what my boss would say. Pathetic really as I should care about my health more but again, because I feel worthless and don't love myself that I act like this. I am having CBT but it is early days so.... I am now 37 and I believe I have had this since the age of 13.

Sorry to go on but I want you to know that we are all here for you and you are not alone. Have you spoken to your doctor?


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