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Help I keep using illegal drugs

It's ruining my life most of the time when j drink I'll get drugs with friends and then get more n more n it's ruining my life I no its excuse what av bin through but that was the instigator I hate doing it and my girlfriend off 7 years is guna end up leaving me just want advice please I feel so alone n am ruining my body takeing them I hardly sleep sometimes it's disgustibg I just want to b happy n not take them

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Hello John

Well this is new news you have not mentioned this before

O John what are you doing to yourself ?

You have Health anxiety yet you are drinking & using drugs , this will not help your health at all , I know you may do it as an escape for a while to get rid of the anxious feelings you feel but once they have worn of you will feel anxious times 1000 !

Sounds like you are doing this occasionally ? if so you should not be addicted so then the choice is yours John , one word you have to say and that is no I don't want any or better still mix with different friends that don't do this kind of thing , this can lead down a road of self destruct and it is so not worth it

If you are using them regular then you need to get some help to come of them

No wonder your GF is threatening to leave you could you really blame her , you have a beautiful Daughter and you all deserve so much more than this but she will be seeing it from a point of if you won't stop she needs to get out not just for her sake but she will be putting your Daughter first to

John I really do not want to sound like I am not supporting you but as what I feel we have become friends on here like your on line Mum :-/ I have to tell you how it is for your sake hoping it might make you see the light and get you on the right path

You have so much to loose but so much to gain as well if you would only see your Doctor tell them everything the drugs the lot , tell them how you just can't cope and above all get help for you firstly followed closely for your GF and your wonderful new baby Daughter

I really don't know what else I can say to you except I hope you do because I know deep down you are a lovely young man that can move forward and have a wonderful life or it could go the opposite if you ignore to get the help you need & I don't want the latter for you because I know you deserve more

Take Care x


Thanks a lot for posting to me once again and I no I shudnt be and no am not addicted I can drink and not have I don't even like takeing them and I'm defiantly goin to get some help because this is not worth it x


Hi John

Really relived to hear it is an occasional thing at the moment but remember it can be a thin line from going from that to addiction for some so get it nipped in the bud as we say round here because you are so right it is not worth it you & your little family are worth so much more :-) x


Yes I no thanks I hate It that's why every little pain am like its the drugs but people have takeing a lot more and a lot worse told my girlfriends mum anyway and she says sheel fall out with me if I do it again it does make my anxiety ten times worse just a recharging circle its disgusting and hanging and I am shamed x


John don't be ashamed that will make things worse will put pressure on you which will create anxiety and so on , we all make mistakes we are only human but the thing is when we realize we are making or have made a mistake is what we do about it , you have already made the first move my admitting it so well done now the second move is getting that support as long as you do you have nothing to feel bad about you will put it down to experience and move on we have all maybe including your Mum in Law done things we wish we had not and we can forgive ourselves as well as others forgiving us and move on

Do you talk to your GF , Mum in law your Mum about how you are struggling maybe it is time you start telling people just how bad things really are to help give them a better understanding with a bit of luck

Now brush yourself down , put this in the past as you are going to move forward and start doing what you need to do to get you and your life on track :-) x


Thank you so much you been a great help seriously and I am guna speak to someone when I get to it already spoke to them but it's 50 pound a session but I can't wait to be my self like when I was 16 I was the life of everything everyone liked me and now I think they don't I feel weak and helpless and over think everything x


John could you not get the Doctor to refer you , you could get this on the NHS ? but it would be the best money you would have spent if you do have to pay , start by putting the money you use to go out in a jar and stay in and spoil your GF :-/

You feel no one likes you because you don't like yourself at the moment but once you are back feeling confident you will have more self believe and then if others like you or not you will not be bothered as long as you learn to like yourself that is all that matters because if you like yourself & if you keep yourself happy that will draw people towards you anyway :-) x


May I ask what drugs you are taking and does your girlfriend use as well?


Yes coke never touched anything else and no


Bounce gave you sound advice and I have friends who use coke and long term it won't help your anxiety and can lead to other things. Keep away from those who use it as they won't be there to repair your relationship with girlfriend and her mum. They are only there to take your money and deliver the next lot of misery. Be brave.

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