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Over thinking at night time?


Hey everyone

Just wondered if i could have some advice? Lately i have had some trouble going to sleep,i feel tired and as soon as i get into bed i wake up. Some nights i shake and my mouth goes all dry and odd feeling, other nights my mind over thinks and cant seem to switch off? Ive stopped drinking caffeine in the afternoon, i listen to soft music when I'm in bed but its sometime its doesn't work. And I'm now starting to worry if i don't get enough sleep i wont function well during the day. Lately i have been having problem with relationships but I'm not sure if linked? :( xx

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sounds to me as if its an anxiety thing .... just like me! Im on tamazepam for sleeping but I wake at3am every morning andlie there over thinking everything!

sorry I cant be more help but it does sound normal when you have stuff on your mind :(

Mo x

Amziox in reply to Superstar457

Aah right okay i shall look into things a bit more thankyou anyway :)!

Glad it isnt me in a way as i felt so silly!


It is more than likley your relationship issues that are stressing you out, I liken our brains to a computer or phone that does it's updates and back ups at night, it looks like it is asleep but it is sorting things into relevent files, the problem comes when it can't find the relevent file to put it into so it keeps searching or if it is to much information, crashes!

We just can't sleep when when we can't find an answer, then we can't sleep because we are worried about not sleeping, then we begin to worry that we can't function in the day and so the spiral begins when we start anylising everything we say think and do, so tiring yet still can't sleep. When well I am normally asleep when my head hits the pillow but when ill, can't sleep!but it will pass, try not to focus on it it gives it power, if you can't sleep go and do the mondane house work. Ironing normally bores me to sleep. God luck Steve.

Amziox in reply to thunderacer

Aah okay maybe ill look into reading a book or something that will send me off to sleep! Thankyou good luck too :)

Yes I do exactly the same you are not the only one hope things get better

Amziox in reply to amandaj

Aah hope you get better too :) thankyou

Hi hun, my problem is im the worlds worst analactical thinker as in my thinking is extremly ridgid, im also extremly negative lately. ring any bells any1? Us anxiety sufferers ar always worst at nightime + in bed, its bcause in bed its very quiet + can hear r own thoughts goin round. i dnt know about any1 else but my thoughts at the moment r racing literaly at a hundred miles an hour. bedtime 4 some people is escapism but 4 others it can b a nightmare + the more u worry about bedtimes the more ur inclined 4 this 2 happen. i think u need 2 brk this ritual + about bedtimes + hlp 2 c it as a more possitive relaxing place (easier said than done, i know) r u on meds if not u could try valerion hops + scullcap. am not normaly 4 herbal remedys but strongly recomend these, u will need 2 stick wiv them 4 them 2 work. herbal isnt fast actin like meds + does need percerverence 2 work, will need 2 take for 2-4wks to c benefits but i strongly recomend above anything else herbal. u can go on internet search box + type in naturesremedy. u can also buy chamomile extract frm ere but is not as strong as velerion hops + scullcap. hope this hlps wiv kindest regards leeanne.x

matosh in reply to leehow79

Thank you leehow79, you sound as if u r mindreading me. Everything u explained above is me these days. My mind seems like it has been programmed then rewinded non-stop. Can be scary at times as feel i'm going mad. It's like a vicious cycle.

The thing is i can get myself relaxed through tiring myself at the gym and unwind infront of the tv but one worry hit my mind and i give it attention then it spirrals out of control, the whole relaxation becomes undone even though physically i still feel tired.

I've been reluctant to use herbal remedies with prescribed medication but i think i will try chamomile tea and see. i hope u all the best as well.

leehow79 in reply to matosh

Hi hun, chamomile tea has very mild soothin properties + is fine wiv meds but other herbal remedys like st johns wort can b disasterous mixed wiv meds + therefore should not b taken 2gether. i suffer frm profound levels of anxiety + hav tried all herbal remedys but didnt work 4 me. i know a lot of people prefer them but they r only hav mild amounts of soothin properties + r not in the same legue wiv meds + thats comin frm som1 who is extremly sensitive 2 meds, tried them all + still havnt found 1 i can tolerate or works 4 me. am on valium but get rebound anxiety/depression. im overthinkin + panickin all the time, it doesnt matter wot i do i cant escape it. cant go out cant stay in, tried walkin for 12miles, tried 2 keep busy but i cant escape it + feel like im bein tortured. crapin myslf but yet i dnt know why. 2 b scared of the invisible is the most frightenin feelin in the world... Hope u find som peace. wiv kindest regards leeanne.x

Amziox in reply to leehow79

Hello thankyou for your advice its great!

Just feel all shaky and mind going around and around! Where did you get them herbal remedy from as there lots on there!

Thanyou once again :) x

leehow79 in reply to Amziox

Hi hun i know quite a bit about herbal stuff + contreverse 2 wot other people say herbal teas r very mild + r not goin 2 cut it but valerion hops + scullcap r definatly 1 of the best if not the best remedy 2 try. holland + barrette sell these but p.... me of wiv the prices they charge wen u can get equily if not better stuffat a fraction of the price. u can buy calms anywere + they hav these ingredints in them or theys naturesremedy online which sell everythin including chamomile extract, wont b as good as but still a lot better than teas. tesco also sell these + not as expensive as boots. if u can go online would recomend the naturesremedy, dnt know the web adress but jst type in the name also amazon sell these. u will need 2 take them 4 a while as they take a bit longer 2 work than meds but will b worth it. my mums jst took calms + says she can feel them but not the rhodiola she payed£13 for frm holland + barrette. so if u can go online try them. kindest regards leeanne.x.....P.S let me know how u get on wiv them.

yes defo relationship related! I am experiencing it myself too- head hits the pillow and iam out, but wake up about 3 worrying and analysing everything

Thats exactly how i feel at the moment. I have never been a good sleeper probably because of doing night shifts but its worse when there are things in my mind like decisions to make etc. These days i hardly sleep for more than 3 hours if i managed during early hours. I do read but sometimes it does not work. I have stopped working days at present because of this . The antidepressant prescribed seem not to work at the moment which means i will have to wait two weeks before it kicks in, if it will.

So my thoughts are with you but keep persevering it will eventually subside once other things in your mind are sorted out. Meanwhile try the advices given by people on this site. I find regular exercise works and short walks outdoors works at times. I also try to eat healthy avoiding caffeine and too much alcohol

I have troubles getting to sleep which ive not managed to solve yet, i seem to cry automatically for at least one or two hours as soon as i turn off the light which i guess exhausts me into sleep. My only useful tip would be if you know it will take you some time to get to sleep, go to bed much earlier so you still end up getting enough sleep overall.

Perhaps you could listen to one of those learn a language tapes very quietly, that might bore you to sleep :)

Good luck x

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