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Why do overthinking happen at night time?


Hey :)

Recently when ive been going to bed, i started to over think and worry over the littlest of things and cant seem to control it. Some nights i even shake and my mouth feels all closed up (if makes sence?!)! I tired deep breathing and taking my mind off but takes me ages to settle down?! Moreoever im now starting to worry about going to bed, im only 21 and i feel so silly for worrying a lot and also a bit scared of going to the doctors?! Does anyone else know how to stop shaking or worrying?!


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Hello Amziox

Perhaps if you drink tea or coffee in the evening you could try stopping these drinks before, say, six O'clock. And maybe your medication could be responsible for the shakiness.

I know I was once on medication and the particular medication diid make me very shakey at times.

If you have specific thoughts then maybe you could try writing them down on paper before you go to bed. This, does help.

It could be you are getting over-tired and that you are worrying in the daytime also. I understand this from my own experience .

Medication can help loads and so perhaps it might be wise to see a doctor if need be.

Again , if you were to write on paper the things running through your mind , however silly , you'd be surprised how this can really put our mind at rest and stop the worrying .

vince : )


Hi Amziox

Night time can be worse for lots of people , during the day we can keep ourselfs more occupied , see & hear things outside , even if we dont go outside , then night time its quite , we are left with ourselfs & our thoughts can start

This is common & not very nice

It is right though if you start to fear night times , this will make it worse , easy said than done

Try & change your routine at night , if its quite , listen to music , tv , try keeping your mind occupied , these young ones have these ipod things lol maybe listening to music while in bed ?

Try and accept this is how you feel at the moment , the more you fear it the more it will feel

Keep talking , on here if no one around you understands , everone knows how you feel

Go & speak to your GP & see what help they can give you

Let us no how you go on

whywhy xxx

Hi i have also being going though what you have said with the over thinking.and not sleeping till 2am.so i stopped drinking caffeine after 6pm .if like i did you drink alot of caffeine drinks then you will get a few headaches .also if you have a smart phone then try downloading anxious help ,cbt or stress therapy hun .i hope this helps

Like every1 else has said we worry more in evenins, very common, also we worry in bed were its quiet + thoughts can b intrusive. I also find this 2 b the case as a lot of people do. dnt suffer in silence any more go 2 ur GP + seek there hlp, they will know the bst course of action 2 take 4 u. plus u could c if theres any anxiety hlp groups in ur area. ur dr will decide if u need meds or not or decide 2 go dwn therapy route. do somthin relaxin b 4 u go 2 bed, try 2 read a book, cut out tea + definatly coffee, drink herbal tea b4 bed like chamomile. clipper do a sleep easy tea u can buy frm health shops + supermarket includin tesco, its only £1.39. mayb hav a warm bath wiv soothin lavender, any thin thats relaxing. if u want 2 go dwn herbal route valerion hops r a really good calmin remedy + can b found in lots of things. b carefull about mixin meds + herbal remedys as can b dangerous. som people need medicines frm drs + other people prefer alternative treatment. it depends on how bad u r, plus wot the professionals think. jst b guided + do wot u think 2 b bst. kindest regards leehow.**

Hello everyone :)

Thankyou for comment much appricated. However the things is i dont drink coffee or tea, also not on any tablets or anything! But i do have an iphone so im going to lisren to music and ive downloade the app! Its like now i went to sleep for a bit woken up and my mind is going round and round feel all panicky atm now is well. :(


Glad to hear that you iphone has helped. I always drink camomile tea, it's nice and have you tried using ' Sleep Rescue Remedy' ?? The Sleep one, in particular, reduces unwanted thoughts and also helps sleep to come. You can get this at Boots I am sure , if not a health shop or pharmacy. The drops are better as they are stronger than the spray. I have been afraid of sleeping in my bed and know how you feel. Anything to relax you will help. Good luck.

Hi Amzioux, When you are stressed or worried it's always worse at night hun. You have had some interesting replies, and they are all good. Oh you are so young to have these problems but if you do go to see your GP don't be scared. Anxiety is more common than you think , and panic can be controlled and got rid of. Is there anything in particular you are worried about? if you want to share it maybe we can help but no pressure at all. Oh look ! it's light now outside :) x Ella x

Dear Amziox,

You can log onto thite site at any time, even at night or in the early hours. You could for example read the questions and blogs to take your mind of things a little.

There are people logged on most of the time, even in the early hours. Perhaps you might be able to 'chat a little'. I have personally experienced logging on in the early hours and reading the questions and blogs and seeing that peolpe are 'chatting' a little. Perhaps you could then 'chat' a little.

I wish you well.

kindest regards,


I have been like that all my adult life and it is the same scenario that I go to bed, think about the next day, and the day gone, and the previous day, etc, and before you know it, time is getting on, then you worry about having to get up, and having little sleep, and this makes it doubly hard and it is like a spiral. Now - a few things that have helped me. Regardless of the amount of sleep you had, still get up at the target time, stick to the routine. Has been said already, lay off the coffee, this is bad news - have your last cup no closer than 4 hours before you need to go to bed. Don't force yourself to sleep. If your mind isn't ready, then it isn't ready. The end of the day is a normal time to reflect, so give yourself time to do this. A bit of peace and quiet before bed. Sometimes, if you begin to associate going to bed with not sleeping, try to sleep on the couch with the telly on and the lights on. I sometimes find that I have a better night sleep by allowing myself to fall asleep when I am ready, and this is often on the couch.

Don't beat yourself up over not sleeping, eventually your body and mind will give in, and you will sleep.

My sister recommends valerian tea - not tried it myself but I am going to give it a try...

I think it's all due to the fact that you're more alone with your thoughts when lying in bed. You don't have the same distractions that you have during the day, which might actually stop you thinking so much that your overthink.

I think it's also a product of not exhausting yourself mentally during the day. If I do a lot during the day and try to make my brain tired, it might sound a bit strange, then I can drift off a lot easier.

Thank you everyone for all your advice and support :)! I am having one of these nights agin im trying to listen to music and take my mind off it but not working atm! Ive cut out caffeine before bed! Just feel quite alone and the shaking is annoying.

But once again thank you :) x

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