Anxiety at night

Does anyone else's anxiety seem to magnify at night especially when trying to go to sleep? I'm not sure if it's because I'm overtired but I feel like I'm asleep when I'm still awake if that makes sense? When I'm drifting off I get really confused where I am, my hearts racing, legs tingling and panic starts but I'm that tired I can't seem to wake myself up. It feels like I'm developing a fear of going to sleep :(


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  • Yes nights are the worst it is the same as when you have a cold and when the nights draw in your cold feels worse. With anxiety your energy levels are low your body tried but your brain just has not caught up and shut down. If you have a smartphone go on to play store and search Anxiety and Stress Apps try the breathing ones and see if it helps :)

  • Hi yes this is my worst time as my mind goes into overdrive, my thoughts then get amplified to a point where ( even I can admit the next day) they just become irrational. This will set the physical symptoms off, such as your heart racing etc.

    With me my dreams, if I do sleep they can seem so real and frightening that I'm alsmost afraid to fall asleep at times. Sometimes I listen to calming music and use mindfulness to calm me down, there's loads on YouTube. I thought it was just some hippy crap when it was first suggested but if you stick with it I promise it does work, I've suffered for 30 years with anxiety.

    I do get what your saying plus the frustration of trying to get to sleep makes it worse. There's times when nothing seems to help, music or meds so I just get up and read to try to divert my thoughts

    Take care


  • Many thing's seem worse at night simply because it's easier to focus on them as it's quiet with far less distraction than during the day, youtube is fantastic for listening to calming natural sounds or other comforting videos, it's worked for me many times in the past, give it a whirl, you may find something that works for you too? Xxx

  • Yeah me too!! And i keep having these constant thoughts about death and i feel so afraid it makes it worse. I even wrote a death note just in case...i wish i knew how to help you

  • Yeah I'm the same way.

  • It is due to your mind focusing on your anxiety symptoms because there is nothing else to think about

    Anything you can due to relax will help. Put your phone down. Try to read something good.


  • Hi

    This happens to me frequently too. Just as I'm drifting off I'm startled awake by a racing heart. I calm myself down as best I can and then try to go back to sleep but usually I'm just laying there with my eyes closed then I'll maybe get 2 hours in of actual sleep.

  • Me All the way smh

  • All the time. Its like I'm so busy during the day that all theanxiois thoughts come hurling at me at night. It's also bad as soon as I wake up and start thinking of everything I have to do that day.

  • Sometimes, I'm afraid to sleep too because of my fear of dying in my sleep. I take melantonin or nighttime sleep medicine to knock me out.

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