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The lowdown on feeling down for a longtime

Hello all hope your all handling it as well as you can a lot of you seem to be having a bad time post Christmas I'm sorry for that I'm my usual either good or bad but thankfully the bad is improving and shorter in duration and the anxiety and panic attacks are much easier to handle I'm a non med man but don't do what I do always talk to your dr about your meds its a personal choice I was on meds till I had a heart attack and my consultant stopped them one called fluanxol it worked pretty well for me but once I was off them that was it he told me they were an old fashioned sort of treatment all I have now is diazepam on standby which i rarely use I've had anxiety and its mates since forever seems like and I'm getting the hang of it now coming on this site and reading some of the blogs has been one of the biggest helps to know your not imagining things these things that are happening to you and your not alone and your among friends who read with patience and understanding it's something you've got to look square in the eye and face it the first times the hardest and there will be backward steps but they will be small compared to the forward steps you'll make I hope you can step out of the dark times and get back to a better place because I thought for years I could never improve my lifestyle but I have and when I see somebody on here that's had a good day or beat the anxiety it always lifts my spirits and I feel happy as they are for them bit of a waffle I'm afraid but I wanted to come on as someone whose improved after a long time in the depths to show you can improve and offer support and encouragement to all who are having a difficult time. The very best to you all . Mel

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I remember you helping me Mel, when I came flying on here in such a state of anxiety I never want a repeat of. I often wonder how you are and it's lovely to hear from you. Thank you from a much calmer x Ella x I wish only the best for you and well done for making life changes. I'm trying to eat healthy.....trying being the operative word lol xxx


Thank you Mel '....Your words are inspiring . Thanks for the words of encouragement . Vince : )


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