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Glad it's the weekend tomorrow


Hi everyone, I went back to work on Thursday after a few days off because of the jubilee. Felt extremely nervous driving to work as was very worried if i would feel faint or dizzy at work. I started feeling a bit dizzy when I was talking to my friend at work but tried to act normal, I have been quite anxious in the mornings but settled down a bit as i got busy at work and was very glad to go home. It is really annoying me at the moment how my anxiety has just come back for no reason that i can think of. i have always been an anxious person but haven’t had anxiety like this for a few years. I don’t really want to go to my doctors as went on the tablets for 6 months when i had bad anxiety a few years ago and didn’t really like taking them as don’t really want to rely on medication. Was wondering if anybody had any other suggestions that would help a bit. Have already tried rescue remedy and calms but don’t think they done anything . .

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Hi Tash well done on getting through work believe me I know how hard it is.Im on meds but dont want to take them all the time.I have started to take pyridoxine (vitaminB) oMEGA FISH OILS 1000MG and have tried today camomile tea got to say the tea has calmed me down too early to tell if the other has worked yet.Have heard 5hp works but not tried xxx

Thanks for that will have a look if i can see it in boots. not really a tea person but will try anything, is camomile tea nice?


Im not a tea person either it wasnt awful I drank it and will again

Hiya tash, sounds like you did really well getting through work

After feeling nervous on the way there!! I struggle badly with fear of dizziness and feelin faint, I know how horrible it can be! Do you find it effects you driving? I'm looking for some rescue remedies as well, I do not know of any yet, let me

Know if you find out any good ones! X

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well I can defo recommend the chamomile tea Im just having my second cup now.Felt so calm after the first cup I have not had to reach for the meds which is good for me.I was skeptical about it but it has really calmed me down x

Thanks, was hard felt anxious all day could feel it inside me. It has never affected my driving before as the last day of work before the jubilee days off was when i felt really dizzy and faint which was the first time it had happened at work. so had been worrying about going to work felt strange driving didnt feel myself at all had the air conditioning on as for some reason i find that helps and had the music on quite loud but all i could think about was my anxiety at work. Was fine driving home though. my anxiety has started affecting things i would have done fine before. could feel my heart racing and felt faint when i was at the cashpoint or in a shop which i think is silly but i just cant stop it. The only Rescue Remedy i have tried is the Bach one but not sure yet if it does anything.

Im going to buy some of that tea tomorrow will let you know how i get on. I dont even like hot drinks but will try my best to drink it as it sounds like its good

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It has really calmed me down can't say its lovely but its better than reading for the tablets lol let me know how you find it x

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