Wierd feeling HELP!!

Hi all.

I have been having a dull ache pain in my collarbone/shoulder area for months now. My doctors have kept telling me it is aniexty causing this problem and put me on tablets to control it. However recently my neck and sides near my hips and stomach have started to hurt and now I'm thinking all stupid things again. I can't help but think I have cancer and it has spread and now I'm going to die and leave behind my family. Can anyone offer advice please? Much love and take care everyone



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7 Replies

  • hi Mike have you been tested for osteoarthritis or your sciatica nerve or blocked lower abdemon hope none of this but its worth asking Alan

  • I have had full blood test and chest xray and urine tests. I have also kinda got hooked on iborobutham and paracetamol (spelling is bad) I still get by day to day just frustrating the hell out of me now. I don't want to waste doctors time.

  • Go and see the doc. if the suggested medication isn't helping and or the pain is worse, go and see the doc. You're not wasting anyone's time. Even if this is "just" anxiety it still needs treatment, maybe therapy or different meds.

    If out helps, write down symptoms briefly and take that with you. I find dictors hard to talk to do this helps me. It also helps to see a list of dates and symptoms as it can help the doctor understand what's going on. Good luck.

  • Hi Mike. I suffered with a similar dull pain when I was trying to cope with anxiety for many years. Like you, it frustrated the hell out of me! I used to think it was something more serious, even when the doctors told me it wasn't.

    Turns out, it was anxiety related. Subconsciously, I was tensing my muscles which caused the dull pain.

    When I overcame anxiety the dull pain disappeared, along with the other anxiety related symptoms.

  • Hi Carl

    Did you also have the pain in the neck and sides of stomach ?

  • In every area you can imagine - anxiety is very good at making you believe all sorts of things.

    The more I focused on the aches / pains, the more I experienced them.

  • I don't understand how something like this can cause the "pain" I have. I long fir the day when I can wake up feeling normal and fall to sleep normal and have a day where I have no pain.

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