Agonizing toothache

For the past three days I have had an agonizing tooth ache which has reduced me to sobbing several times. Can't get into dentist till tomorrow late. I have tried every remedy on the Internet natural and pharmaceutical. Nothing helps. I think i have an exposed nerve. It is throbbing like mad. I am ready to throw myself off a bridge after no sleep and constant throbbing pain. Here's a list of what I have taken. Pandeine Forte. Temazapan, Ibuprofen, oil of cloves. Warm milk with cinnamon, sensydone on tooth that one nearly sent me through the roof, hot wheat bag, cold ice pack, salt water gargle just about everything. It subsides a bit after analgesics but then back again with a vengeance in an hour or so. Pleeeasse help. I can't go another night with no sleep. My anxiety is through the roof! 😣😫🤐😓🤕


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  • Try and observe the pain rather than focussing in on it.

    You've done all you can, it will end in a few days, it is not life threatening, you will be able to look back and say you're glad it is over.

    try mindfulness meditation.

    You are magnifying this by your description - why can't you manage another night without sleep?

    Do you really want to take your life because of this?

    Yes it is uncomfortable, but not life threatening. Most of us will probably have experienced something similar at some time, so try and distract yourself with something else and the hours will pass.

  • Thanks Jeff. It is 11pm here in Australia and I don't think we have that here in our pharmacies. Hopefully get into an emergency appointment in the morning. One more night .... fingers crossed for relief tomorrow. Cheers, Sally. 😎

  • Thanks for your reply Goldie. I wasn't literally going to top myself it was just a reaction to the agonizing pain I was experiencing and no amount of mindfulness was going to help me at that time. I would rather have a baby any day than excruciating nerve pain from a toothache!! 😣😬

  • Sally, go to Sainsbury pharmacy or Superdrug and buy a tube of Oragel, it comes in a small bright red box, and gently massage it into the offending area. The best remedy I know.

  • SO, were you able to get to the dentist? I'm in the US and didn't get your post until now. You have us in suspense....Please tell us you did! :)

  • strange my youngest daughter has had this all weekend as well so I do sympathis she phoned 111 and they got her an appt at a local hospital this morning where they did x rays and padded the problem tooth out she now has to see a dentist tomorrow so maybe try calling them and doing it that way good luck

  • Hi Pat hope your daughter is okay. I went to dentist today. Pain had almost gone (Murphys Law) and he couldn't be sure which tooth has the trouble but I think I know. Most of my teeth are heavily filled so not going to waste money on another root canal and crown that always end up having to be removed anyway so I am having the tooth removed Thursday. Not going through that pain again. 😣😥

  • good luck with that Sally my daughter is having to get an appt today with a dentist hopefully she has got on OK take care now xx

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