So frightened....prayers please

I have been dealing with pain in my stomach area for a LONG time and just kept rationalizing with myself that it was nothing and never mentioned it to my doctor. Well, my anxiety over this is now at an all time high and I mentioned it to my sister who encouraged me to go to the doctor. I finally went yesterday and she has scheduled me for an abdominal ultrasound this Friday. I'm scared - I'm so afraid they are going to find cancer. Please pray for me.


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  • There are so many less serious things it could be, it's difficult not to fear the worst sometimes, but you must try, don't put yourself through this, tell yourself your not going to worry, you can deal with any outcome later, but for now, try reminding yourself of all the lesser, simple issues it could be....let us know how you get on...:-)

  • Thanks Suzie.

  • Hello

    Well done first in making that appointment !

    That takes some courage when you are so anxious and you have done the right thing

    Of course when we have anxiety we are going to straight away think the worse scenario yet anxiety causes so many of us to have stomach issues and this could be all that is causing yours

    Think of it positively , if it were cancer the chances are you would have had so much more happening than you have and the odds are low that you have the Doctor is been very good though and doing her job as she should do by having you checked over that's all and when you get the results it will be one less thing to play on your anxiety :-)

    I will keep you in my thoughts even though I am sure you will be fine and please come back and let us know how you get on as well as posting whenever you need to knowing people understand your fear and are hear to support and listen to you :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thanks Lulu.

  • Louie I'm 64 and have anxiety problems, at the moment I'm trying to withdraw from an anti depressant which has caused a lot of stomach problems for me. It stopped working so I decided to try to come off it.

    I hope I can reassure you a little, I suffer stomach problems, aches, pains, feeling sick, feeling awful most days are often through anxiety. I suffer one or all of these most days and realise it is anxiety related, so I just grin and bear it and use self medication to help the symptoms, Apple Cyder Vinegar is a good help for stomach issues.

    I have recently had a stomach scan which was normal. It is nothing to be worried about, just the same as a pregnancy scan. If their was a real problem I think you would have had a lot more symptoms and your doctor would have already picked up on that.

    Wishing you well and please let us know how you got on if you want to!

    Kath xx

  • Thank you Kath!

  • Your most welcome Louie wish I could do more. Are you in the UK?

  • No. US

  • Step one - blood work is back and all normal readings.... Pancreatic enzymes, liver function tests, kidney function and all other labs look good. You'd think that would help me relax but I'm still full of anxiety. I've emailed my doc back and asked her if readings can be normal if there is cancer present. I haven't heard a reply back from her yet but the message was sent after work hours. Anxiety and fear are still at an all-time high.

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