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I'm terrified and its ruining my life

Im 17 years old male. and for a year about I have been suffering from very strange symptoms that are difficult to explain. It almost feels as if Im dreaming. Im constantly confused. and i am definitely a hypochondriac btw. I am scared about dropping dead and not seeing my loved ones anymore. I have lost faith in god recently. and my life is falling apart. I'm a very paranoid person. my vision is distorted often, and i just dont feel right. nothing looks the way it used to and i dont know what to do. my blood work came back fine, and my EKG test were good. I cant see myself waking up in the mornings. And i think i have a brain tumor. Someone help me out..

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Hi there, I would go to see a professional counsellor as soon as you can. Maybe tell family or friend who might understand? I'm here if u need someone to message


Hi Thgraay,

Your feelings are familiar to me, and I'm so sorry you're having to experience them--a year is a long time. Have you been able to get any sleep since you wrote your post? Are you able to distract yourself with any interests?

It sounds like you need to talk to your doctor and get a referral to first to an opthamalagist to find our what's causing your blurred vision--that may ease your mind some.

Also you may want to talk to someone -- the doc who did the tests maybe could direct you to someone---of course I don't know, but what you describe sounds much like depression first presented itself to me. I don't know if you feel like you're in a different world/reality than everyone else--that can make one really nervous, paranoid too. The feelings are so strong and painful -- it's like maybe having a clothespin on your brain--it's hard to focus on much else.

But there is help (really) and you're most definitely not alone : )


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Anxiety covers everything u have described. I totally get where ur coming from with it all. Honestly God loves u n wants u to be happy n fulfilled. He can n will help you back on track. I admire ur honesty x can u listen to clayton Jennings at all on u tube. He is amazing. Would u give it a go. Also that chatterbox in ur head is the thing that keep anxiety alive. Get him told he is not welcome anymore, turn back to God. Honestly it will change everything. He loves you exactly as you are, inside and outside. You only need to be u to him. Man looks for many things but God adores you, ur precious. The more negativity in ur head the more the bad guy survives, get him kicked in the butt todsy. You have a great life ahead of you. Clayton Jennings give it a go and Jefferson Blythe


Dude... omg. Same here im 19 years old male too. Same symptoms. I always think i will have heart attack ,stroke, and brain tumor too. ALSO LOTS OF HEAD PAINS . URE NOT ALONE. PM ME IFMU WANT BUDDY TALK


Your feeding the bad guy in your head with all the negative thoughts, yes its so so real, I totally have had all these symptoms. If you starve him but he will die. God wants you to feel happy in life and have joy and blessings. But the other side is the bad guy who wants to ruin yu, make you feel bad, worry, stress, sick. Can you look up Clayton Jennings, I think any young people will love what he has to say. It can change and if you let God help you, he will. He can't do it if you don't ask . Thinking of you

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Please try to turn back to your faith. God loves you. Ask in faith and ye shall receive. Look and ye shall find. Knock and doors shall be opened to you.

Sometimes He doesn't answer straight away or in a manner that we would prefer, however please know that He does indeed hear and listen. Use all the tools at your disposal that He has sent to help you, for in order to heal, you also need to be proactive and also help yourself. Believe, trust and search out. One final thing: NEVER give up. Small steps ... One issue at a time ... Patience.



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