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Just kicked panic attacks butt !!

same old every night, on edge and anxious, its becoming a serious habit of mine.

struggled eating some tea, mainly because ive not eaten a lot today, I no my stomach wants more but il get there:-)

well a panic just came on, shaky and yucky and just thought tbh, no I cant take much more of this, but I got up and played with my pupster and darling son. Rushing through our playtime, I don't know why.. because I couldn't and didn't want to do it I just wanted to go away and panic, well the partner noticed this and told me to try relax and take our time, which was hard to try interact and be calm, but I managed to stick at it and I ended up enjoying it and for a while and take my mind off of it.

Then before long I wasn't thinking about it and was just laughing and joking with my boy, which I feel was a little over due, such a great feeling and ive done it once I can do it again now!

Ive been convinced am ill or something, but really it is just anxiety, I need to this week distract myself and not make it my life thinking about it all day everyday...

For that little moment tonight I feel untangled and free..

Positive thinking for the rest of the week

Just think a fresh week, we can do thiss !!!

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Well done:)) it does make you feel good when you can conquer it!

Positive thoughts hunni:)



Oh well done!

Now you know you can do it, that's a huge step :)

I'm delighted for you & sincerely hope it continues, remind yourself of this when you have doubts.

Enjoy the rest of your evening



Such a great feeling to have and I understand just how you feel. That is a huge step you have taken and you will be able to do it again. I love the 'untangled'... our minds do feel like a load of spaghetti at ties.Too much information. All the very best and YOU CAN DO THIS. Love Julie xx


Well done, that feeling is so nice when you do it. You feel like a weight has been lifted for that time when you conquer it...

Lovely news and now you know it can be done :)

Sue x


Well done michelle x it must of been so nice to have that feeling that for once you had control and anxiety could just do one xxx


Well done :)

I cant add anymore , except hope it helps to no we are here supporting you :)





Thankyou everyone so much, I haven't been able to feel like this in so long, it really is a good feeling and I feel hungry now its gone, a relaxing evening and if it comes back I feel more power to ignore it

I feel truly blessed to have so much support and not to be alone anymore,,

Hope you all have a lovely evening


Michelle xxxxxxx


That's wonderful! Experiencing these moments shows us it is possible to feel good again, and be anxiety free. Power to you! xx


Well done :-)



Oh well done Michelle, youv'e done it once, you will do it again, stay positive..one step closer to normality, whatever that is..haha..xx


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