This will be the Magic Bullet for some of you

I'm sure a lot has been said about negative thought replacement and CBT which is great. This is the foundation for what I'm about to tell you. However, I want to challenge every one of you to take a very important step in your recovery. This was the magic bullet for me after years and years of generalized anxiety with a great amount of health anxiety thrown in there. The key for me was sugar. I know, I know. Some of you have "tried" different diets etc and have failed or at least it didn't help much but I strongly believe with everything that's in me sugar is the catylist for anxiety in many people. It's very simple but yet it isn't. With sugar intake being #1, caffeine is #2. I challenge you to stop the sugar and caffeine in your life. That means limit carbs or anything that can turn to sugar. #3 is exercise. I'm totally convinced that if you truly want to be free and CBT didn't do the trick, this will. How serious are you guys? How bad do you really want to stop worrying? If this worry has ruined your life like it did mine then what do you have to loose? I went on a diabetic type of diet (which by the way, will make you healthier than ever) and my life has changed.

#1 Cut sugars out/limit carbs greatly - occasional fruit is ok in moderation

#2. Zero caffeine- Which is more important to you? Coffee in the morning or living life with anxiety?

#3. Exercise- 30 mins day. Walking briskly, stairs at work, jogging, anything that gets your heart rate up

Could it be this simple? For me it was. Do away with the stimulants and start living life again.


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  • I forgot to mention it will take 2-3 weeks for the sugar cravings to lessen. This will be miserable for some. (No cokes, candy, chips, ice cream, cake, pasta, bread, flour items. )

    I know some of you are sinking in anxiety and you feel the only way to climb out is to eat your way out. Unfortunately, this is only making you sink further into anxiety and depression. Don't feed your anxiety what it craves. It craves a stimulant. It craves sugar and carbs. It's a viscous cycle you need to break. Break it now and let's get going.

  • I agree! My diet went wonky when my mom came in to visit for a week and now I'm a mess. Probiotics are helping me as well....

  • No sugar, no caffein, fruit in moderation - can't see how that is going to de-sensitise an over sensitised nervous system. Any clinical trials or other studies supporting this? Will be intetesting to hear if others find it's the magic bullet.

  • Eliminating the stimulants is not anything new. Most therapist will tell you to eliminate the stimulants like sugar caffeine etc and exercise but to be honest it's not pushed near enough. I think there is a lack of emphasis on this part. I think the diet and exercise for many of us are not just option but critical to recovery, and for some, they will never recover unless they completely or greatly eliminate the stimulants. This gets into the clinical side of things as well. Some of us have genetic predispositions to anxiety and diet and exercise may be the only thing that truly gives us a shot at recovery. We can learn the tools to train the mind but we also need to chemically change as well.

  • I have a genetic predisposition to anxiety but I know how to recover from it when it reoccurs and it isn't through diet and excercise so they are not the only thing that give a shot at recovery.

    Over sensitised nerves are maintained in that state by being constantly fuelled by fear. I do not see the absence of sugar interfering with that process. Sorry.

  • I never said it was the only thing that gives you a shot at recovery, I said it may be the one thing that is missing as in my first post CBT is the foundation. I'm just saying if you have the tools, and you don't cut out the stimulants you're shooting yourself in the foot in my opinion. It worked for me, your mileage may vary. Yeah, my nerves are constantly overactive but with the stimulants reduced I have a fighting shot at it. Otherwise the CBT isn't enough for me. This is an open discussion. I would love to hear how you conquered your anxiety demons.

  • I conquered my anxiety by the only method I know that works, which is to say the acceptance method of recovery first set out 50 years ago by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book "Self help with your nerves" (UK edition) and "Hope and help with your nerves" (US edition). The acceptance method breaks yhe fear causing symptoms causing fear causing more symptoms vicious circle by our learning to accept the symptoms calmly and with a minimum of fear for the time being. Whilst we are accepting the symptoms we are not frightening ourself to death and as we cease to bombard our nervous system with fear it recovers and we regain our peace of mind.

    Forgive my crude attempt to sum up the brilliant concept for recovery in one paragraph, this method has allowed untold tens of thousands to recover their quiet minds and take control of yheir lives once more. The books are available from Amazon and you may care to read the reviews by several hundred readers 90% of whom rate the book as Very Good or Excellent. Not bad for a 50 year old book, it has withstood the test of time.

  • Thanks for the info. I have heard of the book. Have not read it but will...definitely. However, I must say that there is enough evidence out there to prove my comment as well. Anxiety is a combination of many things.

    Please...those that are reading this. Please don't discount what I am saying about your diet and exercise. This isn't a new revelation here folks. This is proven. Cut the stimulants, exercise and it will help you. Trust me on this. It was the magic bullet for me. It may not be for you but it's worth a shot for many of you. You need the brain tools going in such as CBT or some thought replacement tools to cope when it comes, but with the stimulants gone you stand a much greater chance of success. Don't take my word for it folks. Do it for yourself and don't knock it if you haven't tried it.

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