Is they anything i havnt tried

Feel like ive tried everythin wivout sucsess, i even still feel panick attacks through huge doses of valium + even wen they hav worked i jst panick even worse than b 4. i dont worry about things like other people on ere, infact i rarely get palpitations, im not scared that im gonna die or anythin at all like that its jst pure fear i suffer frm which never leaves me. I pour wiv sweat, feel extremly panicky, frightened out of my wits + want 2 run all the time. Wen i do go 2 bed i sleep in my clothes + shoes incase i panick + need 2 run in the nite. Dont know how 2 physically keep still + calm + safe. i could cope wiv a random panick attack but not wen its constant like this. Feel like im bein ingected wiv adrenalin, like ive bin given speed. My arms want 2 run away frm my body. Does anybody else get these syptoms?


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  • Hav tried 2 keep busy, really tried everythin 2 take my mind off but doesnt matter wot i do i cant escape these feelins.

  • Pls take my advice about chamomile tea as it will calm you down with bit of sedated in it.... Keep away from coffee/tea as it got caffeine in it which is no good for anxiety & panic, try drink more herbal tea whatever you like, try go bed tonight without shoes and put nice pjs on and if you have teddy, give it a cuddle in bed like big kid and try relax, see how it goes tonight then if you done it sucessful, it will make you feel bit better and do it each night mean less panic for you, your safe at home sweetie. Why don't you run yourself a hot bath with nice radox bubble bath with candle lots, relax and tell yourself oh I can't wait get in bed and snuggle up, cuddle with teddy if you have one, talk to teddy if you want as it might help then drift to sleep then in morning try go for a fresh air walk and buy chamomile tea from Waitrose, once you bought it and tell yourself I can't wait to drink it and put smile on your face and have some good deep breathe when your walking but DO NOT think any bad thoughts even panic thoughts pls? Once your home, sit down and remind yourself you've done good job by gone out for walk and bought chamomile tea, chilli out for a bit and make yourself cuppa and do things you like but do not think about panic as it will go back in circle and fright you again ok? Sending you big hugs xxx

  • You can't escape those thoughts cos your thinking about it, I felt like this cos I'm thinking but now tonight I'm feeling not bad because I'm not thinking about it, keep myself busy by looking on Internet, talk on here, cuddles with hubby and watch tv. Take my advices please because if you carry on then it will go into circle all over again which you don't want it. If I live near you I will help you lots and show you how xx

  • Remember: PANIC WONT KILL YOU!! X

  • Thanks sweetie but i really hav tried everythin was out + about all yesterday tryin 2 act normal but was jst speedin about everywere. The more i go about doin normal things like goin 4 walks + shoppin (favourite hobby) the more speedy i feel. Really doesnt matter wot i do, i cant 4get even 4 a second. Havin a hot bath doesnt even help. I was walkin all day yesterday, felt shattered but at the same time still couldnt relax, still felt really speedy. I dnt want 2 b pesamistic, but i am still tryin 2 do normal things. Internet was dwn 2day but will defo look 4 the chamomile tea u suggested 2morrow:-)

  • Thnxs so much. sat watchin tv but my mind wont 4get it jst comes strieght bck 2 me. Its sendin me insane but at the same time i am tryin 2 b strong + carry on as normal. Wot choice do we hav. Jst wish i wasnt such an analactic thinker, im my own worst enemy, on a hamster wheel i cant get off. I Jst hav 2 wait + hope it passes.

  • Hi Lee,

    You're right you've tried everything. Now try nothing. I know it's counter intuitive but instead of fighting the fear, just let it flood over you. Minnie is right. It is just panic. Fear cannot kill you. I am not saying this lightly, Lee. I've been where you are. The first time I was still in my teens and I thought I'd gone mad. But it does get better. You won't always feel like this but you do need to stop fighting. Imagine yourself as a little boat. Waves of fear and panic are all around you but you are safe inside your boat. You can see the waves but they cannot touch you. It takes a while to get this working but believe me it does work.

    I recommend a book called "Living with IT" by Bev Aisbett. Other people swear by Dr Claire Weekes. Either should give you a new perspective and some tips on acceptance.

    Good Luck.x

  • Thanku so much. Im not scared of dyin ive never bin afraid of that side of panick its jst that i cant get 2 grips of bein so frightened + i honestly dnt think i could learn 2 except it. The 1 thing that terrifies me the most is havin 2 live like this especialy 4 the rest of my life, i really dnt know if i can, but really is good advice:-)

  • Pls don't fight with your panic thoughts as it will feed it more then the more you get adrenaline in your mind so just let them be there but don't fight and don't take a notice of it. Just try those things I've suggested to you don't matter if you have tried but this time without fight your thoughts ok? Pls do buy chamomile tea as I've put the link on here for you to click and order it if you prefer to not to go Waitrose ok?

    Pls try don't fight with your thoughts as nurse told me the more you fight your flight/fights then it feed adrenaline more and cause you panic, thinking bad thoughts as I'm very very sure your thinking because you kept saying you want to run, you gotta to stop think of it and just try relax but don't fight with your thoughts just let them be there and do nothing about it. :-) once you do it more with our advice and you will see difference in next few days I hope!


  • You just said your scared of living like this for rest of your life then its your bad thoughts and feed your mind with bad thoughts, stop thinking like this and if you think things like I want get better, I hate my life etc it won't help at all cos its all your bad thoughts that keep your panic and fears going. Stop it now and don't ignore it just let them be there but don't take notice of it. Don't try hard as it won't work, just accept it and it will go away if you do it.



    I've got this book and really help as bought one for uncle as he got panic and depression!

    Lots people swear by this book and it really help with thoughts, panic, anxiety and help me how to deal with it and now this man is free of anxiety for few years! He's on twitter too. Lots reviews from people to him has been amazing and changed their life in a good way. Maybe a worth for you to look at?? Xx

  • Great advice, jst need 2 master it. Im also startin phycothrapy somtime nxt wk, will definatly go wiv open mind:-)


    Here is his website if you want read more info before buying his book but I highly remmonded as its on my question so have a look there xx

  • Hi leehow, I hope this message doesn't delete this time! Your fears are not being able to calm down and not being able to live like this forever. Is that right?

    Now look at it like this, get all cosy for bed comfy no shoes and when u think but I might have to run remember that every other time you've thought like that you haven't had to! Did u run last night? The night before?

    Trust me I think the same but I can't wear clothes to bed soz tmi lol but I leave my dressing gown on floor right near bed just in case and shoes? No I wouldn't need shoes if I had to run in mid of night. Plus can run faster with no shoes! Yes I've even tried lol.

    And live like you have been? I'm sure you won't have to because I started with these 24/7 and saw no way out, no end to it all, no sleep, couldn't sit still but now I cry at the days I have them for few hours which is a big difference! But you will get better cos you're string person!


    Just think when shopping bad thing didn't happen but this this and this good thing did! I think I'll do that again! And last night ok didn't get whole nights sleep but did sleep for an hour or so!

    All the best hun xx

  • Thnk u, i do get sleep, take somthin 2 help but still wake up numerous times panickin.

  • I would jst like 2 thank every1 who has replied 2 my questions wiv such nice, comforting words. Isnt it funny that were all havin such a bad time yet we still manage 2 care about other people goin through the same thing:-)

  • Hi Lee - great advice from all the others, it does help. I tell you, Im 63, and a friend on another site knows I love unicorns (long silly story that ;) ) - well, she saw this gorgeous stuffed unicorn and sent it to me - one night when I was really tense, ached all over - not panicking as such, just rigid with tension - I lay on the sofa, put rubbish tv on, and sat and stroked my little unicorn - at 63! :( - but IT WORKED!!!! I keep my little unicorn with me most of the time now - she sleeps in my bed and sits beside me on the sofa and if I feel in need of comfort I stroke her lovely soft fur! Daft? A lot of people would say so, but i say - it works for me, so to hell with them!!!

    I did think of one - well, a range of things that others haven't mentioned, and that is some form of specific physical exercise. you're a young woman and, depending on your health - CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR - i'm wondering if something really physical, like kwan do, (sp?) kick boxing, judo etc would help? It would get rid of the adrenaline (and, maybe, forgive me if I'm wrong, perhaps any underlying anger/frustration that fuelling it) but in a safe, controlled way. The good thing about some of the eastern martial arts is they train the mind as much as the body, so might help both ways. Someting to to think about? Or even running - don't mean just running in the park, but joining a proper running club, which would give you company and a bit of competition as well?

    If you're health isn't up to anything that physical, then maybe yoga or, possibly better, tai chi might help - anyone can do tai chi (well, apart from me, i have the physical co-ordination of a 3 legged camel :( ) - but it is supposed to be VERY good for stress/anxiety - and with tai chi, as opposed to yoga, you're constantly moving from one position to another, having to concentrate, so takes your thoughts away from Am I panicking?

    Just some thoughts, hun, might help.

    Lots of love, hope you feel better soon



  • Hi Leanne, I hope you won't be offended but may I just ask if you have ever taken amphetamines ? you mention you feel as if someone has given you speed. Or slimming pills?only asking because they can have this effect on your body? love x Ella x

  • Yeah i tried them as a kid, donkeys yrs ago, but i dont take any illegal drugs at all. its the only way i could think of 2 describe it.

  • I dont ever feel tired anymore, every1 else says that anxiety makes them feel tired, but these days i rarely do infact i feel the total oppisite thats why i said i felt speedy. B 4 this anxiety started a few mnths bck i used 2 sleep all day + now ive done a complete turn around. I dont know why but after readin other peoples comments on ere i dnt seem 2 b gettin the same syptoms of anxiety, over worrying, tired, shakes ect. Lots of syptoms i dnt get, is my anxiety jst a different type?

  • I understand exactly what you are saying,

    I think what you are describing is the effects of adrenaline. I do get a lot of adrenaline too, and it makes me feel restless, fidgety. The fact that you want to run, is probably your body wanting to burn off the adrenaline in your body.

    It is the adrenaline that keeps you going, and means that you dont feel tired. Even when I have had a bad night, the adrenaline can keep me going the next day, so that I dont feel so tired.

    If found this interesting article, which may help:

  • I am on my second bout of anxiety in a couple of years, I am sure what helped the first time was exercise. I went swimming for 30 mins, 3 times per week, and walked 4 days per week for around 45 mins per day. I did this even when I didnt really feel like it!

  • Yeah i walked 4 about 12 miles the day b4 yesterday + i can honestly say that it doesnt help, especialy wen im feelin so bad.

  • Yes, I was the same, it did not feel like it was doing much good at the time, but in the long run, it will definitely help. There is no quick fix, but please persevere and keep at it! I also use the Wii and play table tennis, which also burns of the adrenaline in the chest area.

  • Thanks+ hav read the pdf file on adrenalin that u sent me, interestin:-)

  • Thanku so much, really appreceatin every1ns comments.

  • Sorry you are feeling so incredibly anxious.m did you know that in long term use Valium actually imitates the symptoms of anxiety ...took it myself for some time and it was only when I began to come off it that the anxiety lessened.

    I am sure you have heard all this before but the most helpful way to cope with anxiety is just to let it roll over you, breathing as slowly as possible and not trying to fight it. Mthere is nothing at the end of a panic matter how hard it hits it is only fear of feelings of might try CBT or meditation, just sitting for a few minutes in a quiet place and if the fear comes just letting it come....I used to say, out loud, "come on then, hit me!!' and just by taking that 'so what' attitude I felt the fear get less and finally go.

    I know it sounds impossible to do, but just think, all those times you panicked, did you suffer any damage, did 'the worst happen'...probably not...panic is just that, irrational fear...and if you look it in the eye and lie back and let it happen it will soon stop

    Good luck....have faith in yourself, you can do it....warm regards Babushka

  • Thanku so much but findin it impossible 2 control wen im feelin so mentaly ill.

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