Severe panic disorder, had som terrible news about my only child like over 3 mnths ago attacks came out of blue then turned into panick

disorder.Its wiv me constantly panickin all the time doesnt matter wot i do i cant escape frm it, ive tried everythin, tried 2 face it head on, tried relaxation, but 2 no avail. bin on tons of meds wiv som serious reactions, som even hav stimulants which aggreivate panick. Ive bin under the crisis team 4 six wks bcause i want 2 end my life jst 2 escape this feelin of bein in pure hell as i can only describe it. I dnt get palpitations or hyperventilate it jst a feelin of pure panick + that i need 2 run constantly, i cant physicaly keep still i pour wiv sweat + am jst petrified, dont feel like im gonna die i jst need 2 escape frm this fear of panick which is wiv me forever. Does anyone else suffer wiv this or no of anything i dont bcause i really hav tried 2 b strong + tried everythin possible that i no about + feel like the only awnser is 2 end my life.


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  • Hi leehowI notice you have said you had some terrible news about your only child , as a mother one of my main worries has always been that my children are ok , so the thought of getting some bad news about them would certainly set my anxiety into over drive

    Lots of us will relate to the feelings of wanting to run away , shaking & sweats , this is how you feel when in a state of panick & the more we feel like this the more we panick & its like been on a merry go round & not knowing how to get of !

    You are not on your own , plenty of us on here are or have felt like you do , but you can & will get through this

    Go back to your GP , contact the crisis team TODAY & tell them just how bad you are feeling , that is what they are there for , so please make use of them

    It is not easy when you feel this way , i no , & fear is a dreadful emotion creating panick , but with help you will get better , it is small steps but you can & will get there

    Read through the blogs on the site , you will relate no doubt to things said & will be a help to you as you will see you are not alone & knowing there is not just me that suffers helps me a great deal

    Keep posting how you feel & are doing , as people come on & see your post they will reply , with lots of good advice & suggestions


  • Thank u + im under the crisis team hav bin 4 the past 6wks in fact they hav jst bin 2 visit + hav only jst lft. The problem is ive tried tons of medications wiv no sucsess + som really bad side efects. I was put on 10mg of busperone which is quite a high dose + i went in 2 spasmz, i was also intolerant 2 beta blockers couldnt stand up was really dizzy, none of the meds i tried helped ive evev tried valium in which worked but the panick came bck 10 fold. The medical profesionals hav said it sounds like im very sensetive 2 medication + should try other routs instead in which i hav wiv no sucsess. Im now jst on sertreline + waitin 2 c a phycologist in the nxt few days. Sertreline r supposed 2 b really good but ive not had any luck wiv these 1s either.

  • You will get better, but as with any one of us we always think that no one has had it as bad as yourself.

    I've been there. Lost my husband when I was 23 and had 2 toddlers. 18 months after he died the whole routine of panics, anxiety, unable to sleep set in. Whenever I saw my GP he upped the dosage, which looking back (44 years ago) was not the best thing to do to a patient. I had family, but they told me to pull myself together, as I had the children to look after.

    I felt like on a carousel with no dropping off point.

    Sometimes friends are better than family to have a chat with.

    I gradually got better as my children grew and I was able to join in their school activities and joined other clubs as well. It's hard going, but if you want to get off that damned carousel you will try it. Small steps at a time, I mean that. Nobody's rushing you, and don't let them.

    I know I'm going on a bit here, but it's to let you know that I and other folks on this site have been through some of the things you are going through. Agoraphobia?? meant I started to walk a few yards late evening to start me on the road back.

    44 years on and enjoying my family, plus my great grandkids. Don't lose out on this. You can do it.

    My thoughts are with you. We are all thinking of you. xx

  • Thank u, ive bin forcing my self 2 go out + carry on as normal but its wiv me inside, outside even shopping which i normaly luv wiv a passion, it really doesnt matter wot i do im panickin all the time they last frm the moment i get up until i go 2 bed + even then they keep wakin me up in the night. I am quite a strong person + really had tried 2 get up + carry on as normal as aposed 2 in the beginin wen i felt 2 parylised 2 move of the sofa.

  • You can really feel like a quivering jelly, also as stiff as a poker. Panic has no respect for anyone when it starts to grip you, but with the right info. from your GP about counselling and finding the proper medication you will definately get to that better place in body and mind.

    We want to get better NOW, but for emotional illnesses it takes more time to settle down than with the physical ones.

    Isn't this a great site for talking away about your problems. Nothing is too big or too small for these kind people. xx

  • Again same here not good at taking tablets , everyone i get side effects which have annoyed my gp at times , so its good to here someone else has the same problem , so you see leehow even though you are feeling bad at the moment , without maybe knowing it , you are helping yourself talking about how you feel & helping others already on here , so thats a positive thing for you to feel good about


  • Yes i asked my G.P about this + she said that 1 of the side effects is that they can actually cause panick which i think is mental, but plse dont let me put of anyone else tryin out medication i seem 2 b really really sensitive 2 most medicines in which most other people would b fine on, in fact i know of friends + family who hav took the same medication wiv no adverse effects at all so plse if u need 2 b on medication plse take it.

  • Yes i agree leehow , lots take meds & they have no problems , i am also sensitive 2 most meds for other things , its possibly rare when you are like this & a pain at times , just nice to no there is some one else with the same problem , but agree shouldnt put any one of as it is very rare , but obviously we now no we are not on our own

    Think another thing is years ago when you were given tablets they just came in a bottle no side effects leaflet , just take them , & even if you felt bad unless you really felt ill you just took them & never questioned it , now these leaflets that come with them , well ...they have to say everything in them which has been reported even rare & if you tend to have health anxiety that is the worse thing to have in your hand ! i try not to look but the temptation can get the better of you , may be it was better when we didnt no what they can cause , I no I was alot better before the leaflets came with meds at taking them

    I have put a ban on myself lookin on google , think I just ban myself looking at leaflets that come with tabs , as some of it can be in your mind once you have seen it


  • Pls pls DON'T end your life!!!! I highly remmonded you to go and buy chamomile flowers herbal tea from Waitrose and they really help a lot with anxiety and really calm you down! Waitrose only sell them as its the best one (tea pig) and get magnesium supplement which help to calm your nervous system in body! Highly remmonded!! Do you have Waitrose in ur area? If so go and buy it?? Xx

  • No i dont hav waitrose in my area but i could possibly look online,thnx.xx

  • Yes you can or type tea pigs in google and it will appear and look for chamomile flowers tea and I swear by it but other chamomile doesn't work because it don't have sedated in it and not full real herbs but this one chamomile flowers are real and best for anxiety! Saw ur post to other that it didn't work but you haven't try the Waitrose tea pig one yet?? X

  • Ok hun thank u.

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