Does any1 no wot 2 do wen my meds dont work, on 50mg of sertreline but gettin worse everday

Can feel my mood droppin every day as well as panick gettin stronger + stronger. The urge 2 panick is so strong i dont know how 2 calm dwn. Tried so many meds without sucsess, i even panick through tranquilisers. Hav took valium wen bin desperate + even panick still. I know im not hyperventilatin. Plse plse can any1 suggest anythin else. xx


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  • Hi leeow

    I no these meds are not always a quick , fix , they can take weeks , months even before they really start working , if you look through some of the posts you can see others that have said this has been the case for them , that might reasure you

    The only other thing I can really suggest is going back to your GP if you are feeling really bad , I wish I could say more

    Let us no how you go on

    whywhy x

  • Hiya Leanne

    Hope you pick up and begin to feel well again.

    I can give you three things that worked from me when I was using Sertraline and Diazepam :-

    1st Sertraline could sometimes make me 'restless' and so I made a point of stopping it ... but only once I was out of the depression. Today, I would not hesitate to use Sertraline if depression loomed.

    2nd I listened to the recordings of Dr Claire Weekes . Claire Weekes is the best person to have ever unravelled why we panic and how we become better. This was perhaps the best help I received. Her recordings are still available to buy. Just google "Claire Weekes".

    The recordings settled me and at the same time gave me a better understanding of what was happening to me and how I could recover.

    3 I did keep the valiuim and would use it once in while, while at the same time listening to Claire Weekes and by joining a group near my home where I could meet other people and talk. In fact, one of the best things I did was to keep talking, just like here on this forum, with people who understood. You'd be surprised lots of people do encounter panic attacks in their life.

    Here is a link to one of Claire Weekes recordings . It will help you a bit Leanne.


  • Sorry Leehow ...thought your mame was Leanne : ) Just noticed now. : )

  • My real name is Leeanne but i use leehow 4 my user name 4 my email. Thnx + it does help knowin other people hav bin that desperate + ended up resorting 2 valium. P.S do u think sertreline make u anxios cause i do but dont know if it is jst me or not. xx

  • Sent you a personal message Leanne .

    Honest, your chance of getting better is 100 % .

    swan : )

  • Hi Leeanne

    I'm new to this site but not new to anxiety :-( I'm also on Sertraline and was on 50mg but felt myself getting worse last year and the doc upped it to 100mg. This seemed to work so may be worth a try for you. Also, while i'm waiting for the drugs to 'kick in' i concentrate on relaxing and deep breathing exercises. Seems to help to some degree. Good luck xxx

  • Thank u. Im waitin 4 the Drs 2 up it 2 100mg but theyre jst bein a bit carefull bcause ive had som bad reactions 2 meds.

  • P.S does any1 think that else think that sertreline could b agrievating my anxiety, i do but am not sure that im jst clutchin at straws bcause wen u suffer frm anxiety ur always lookin 4 reasons + awnsers that arent always there. We can b r own worst enemy.

  • Hi Leehow,

    I'm on my 2nd time with sertraline. 1st time I was on 50mg and it seemed to work then I felt loads better and stopped taking it. Then I had a really bad experience and a few months later after my anxiety and depression had come back full force i asked to go on it again. For the first week I felt worse, so I upped my dose to 100, I felt the same as before I restarted sertraline so I asked the docs to up my dose to 150 and that has made the world of difference. I feel like me again.The very 1st time I had sertraline I felt a sense of mania and the doc said that was normal. What you are experiencing may be a normal side effect, how long have you been on it?

  • How long hav u bin on sertreline. plse read my other comments.

  • 5 wks jst over, dont feel like im gettin anywere wiv them. My anxiety + depression is gettin worse daily but dont know if the sertreline arnt 4 me or that i need 2 up the dose. 50mg is quite a low dose + im sufferin wiv severe anxiety + depression, at the point were i want 2 end my life jst 2 get som relief.

  • P.S thank u so much, bin feelin like i was goin mad, cant physically keep still, panickin at all times + want 2 constantly run, even sleep in clothes + shoes incase i feel the need 2 escape as panick attacks keep wakin me up. Jst really dnt know weather 2 stick wiv sertreline + up my dose, so scared of them causin me anxiety. or weather 2 stop them as i thought side effects should calm dwn after 5wks. Would luv 2 hear advice plse.

  • Only you can decide on what to do, upping my dose worked for me but may or may not work for you, as you've had bad effects before. I know what it feels like to be in a constant state of panic and can completely understand how that feels. are you able to give yourself something to focus on so you can get out of your head to distract youself from the thoughts and awareness of your panic?

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