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need some advice??????

i know this is an odd question to ask but dont know who else to ask and im quite isolated. my father gave me a pendant before he died and told me to where it which i do, his mother gave it to him when he was a boy. it has no real value just sentimental. another family member says she has more right to it and is going to rip it from my neck when she gets the chance. is there anything i can do it make it legally mine?

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This is a terrible situation........personally I would probably ask at my local police station where I would stand if this was to happen!!!!

This is not paranoia on my behalf, it is just that there is sometimes laws we do not know about..

Maybe a friendly family member who maybe witnessed it being given, could verify to you in writing, so that you have something to prove the circumstances. Or give you there assurance that legally they would stand by you.....putting the other person off trying.....

Take a picture of the pendant, and with you wearing it to identify the object....

I think it is legally yours but any kind of info will help.......

And tell whoever it is that if this happens you won,t hesitate to go to police, and that you will continue to pursue this until it is back in your hands.......hope this helps.....xx


Thats awful. I wear my Nan and Grandad's rings around my neck. I would be devastated if anyone ripped them off my neck, or tried to take them off me.

Does this person live with you, or do you see them often. I know you shouldnt have to, but if i knew they were going to around i would either take the pendant off before i was around them. Also would put it in a safe place if they were in your home.

Havent they got anything valuable themselves that they had off your Grandmother. If your Dad gave you it they are being inconsiderate.

Love Lou.. xx


If your dad left it to you as a gift, its yours. There's nothing further you need to do to make it yours. Any person who tries to rip it from your neck would be committing a crime (assault, battery or worse) and quite possibly theft.

Was this family member merely saying it in a fit of rage, or do you think s/he actually intends to do it? Altho I know its no consolation, perhaps it may be best not to place yourself in a situation where the person might actually forcefully remove it from you. It may be best to simply not wear the pendant when you know you are likely to be around this person. Best to avoid trouble, than to tempt fate then attempt to remedy the situation.


Maya is right. This would be theft and possibly assault. 'Possession is nine points of the law'. If your relative thinks she has a claim then there is always a legal way out. This is obviously worrying you. As Maya says, keep out of her way and if you have to meet do not wear the pendant. Do not be bullied either. Regards. jonathan.


Maya and Jonathan are right - if the family member has "proof" that it should be hers, there are legal ways of going about it - "ripping it from your neck" would not be one of them, and would, as the others say, constitute - probably robbery - theft is stealing without violence, robbery is stealing with violence, and much more serious - and, as said, possibly assault. In fact, even threatening to do so is probably an offence of "threatening behaviour" - if it really worries you, talk to the police - they may well agree to talk to the family member and warn her that she is breaking the law. That might be enough to stop her!

hope this helps - it's so horrible when family members fall out over "legacies", though it happens all too often!

good luck




Where is the proof that this person is entitled to what is yours. It could be as simple as that.

If this person does anything illegal, then the police are your first option. Try not to worry. All the best.


thanks guys, its hard not the wear my pendant cos it makes me feel safer and i tend to hold it also when im anxious, i pray for help. some people are just so nasty, she said the other day that she cant wait till me and my mum are dead. x


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