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Does Anyone Claim DLA (Mobility) For Their Anxiety Dissorder??

Does Anyone Claim DLA (Mobility)  For Their Anxiety Dissorder??

Hay, recently it has dawned to me that I am unable (unfit) for work due to my anxiety, my anxiety is serious enough for me to need my girlfriend to come with me everywhere I go, this includes doctors rooms etc (not the toilet) I feel very unstable when left alone even for short periods of time, iv had anxiety for 6 years now but have always tried to push through it, sadly though it has become very dominent in my life and I am unable to lead a normal happy life, Can and does anyone claim DLA for their condition? And could I also get a mobility car for my condition? (As I feel normal and very happy when driving, Anxiety does'nt even appear to be part of my life when driving).

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Due to the changes in the rules to qualify we have found more and more people are failing the 20m walk test so do not get DLA or that part of the new PiP that is being introduced despite the impact their anxiety has in their lives


cause they cant see your illness and how it effects you they do not see it as a problem

even though you are going through hell with the condidtion im afraid they are pulling the help we desperatly need from under us i really dont know what to advise


Hi I think you can apply for employment and support allowance I'm attempting it now had my anxiety for 15 years and worse now than ever I too can't go to different places just can't stay there


I claim Employment support allowance for my anxiety as im unfit for work and need my partner to go places with me, we are both on the claim. i have to have a sick note from my doctor which is renewed every three months. you have an accessment phase during the first 13 weeks, which they wanted me to go in the centre for, but ive explained to them 100 of times i cannot get out the house, so ive had to get a doctor letter explaining the reason i am on this claim is because of high anxiety leaving my home, im hoping to get a responce from them soon.

Its all making me more stressed, they dont understand unless they can actually see your unfit.


You could seek advise from a welfare rights advisor, there's a section on the AUK wesbite about benefits. The anxious times magazine had an article about people with conditions such as Agoraphobia claiming a blue badge.There have been recent changes in the benefits system, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try.


I do agree , with what you are saying here

Yes there have been changes , but yes you still should try if you feel up to it

We cant be any worse of for trying , than we already are




You should be getting E.S.A. already.

I see no reason why you should not apply for D.L.A. You may not get the mobility allowance, (that's getting very strict now), but the living part of the assistance should be available to you. Carers allowance for your lady?

Bear in mind that your G.P. will play a VERY BIG part in the DLA decision.

Why not apply ? Many applications are refused automatically to help the "targets".

Don't give up, just appeal. They will consider your case properly if you appeal.

Good Luck,

(from a "recovering" sufferer.)

Thinking of you,



Do you struggle to walk,no,then don't claim mobility,that is why the system is getting strict and quite right.


For a person with anxiety walking down the street can feel like a nightmare, this can stop a person from getting to treatment locations or living life as they are stuck in their home. People do not choose to have anxiety, and I'm sure this user would rather not have anxiety and walk happily then be restricted in life if they could. That's not a nice thing to say :(


No your right I don't struggle to actually walk your very right baggins, but what I do struggle to do is dealing with what's happening around me while I'm walking etc,


Well, I get DLA (Care Component) - because with my condition I struggle with motivation/energy to cook/eat for myself. A support worker initially helped me fill in the form - it's a good idea to get help with it, cos it's a bit of a nightmare - CAB will help. They turned me down instantly the first time, which got my temper up, cos we'd put that I did struggle to care for myself in this regard - cooking/eating - and they put I DIDN'T struggle with this! So I sent in an appeal on my own, pointing out that they'd completely misread/ignored what i'd put on the form - and won! I'ts only £20 pw - and, tbh, not sure I will still get it when PIP comes in- but yeah, it's worth it. And if you need someone with you to walk anywhere, then you should get it - in my opinion, although here, like in everything else, they are making everything more difficult!

good luck!




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