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Help & reassure pls?

I'm bit pariond and worrying as recently I had a upset stomach with diorreda twice, feeling nausea and couldn't eat much and nurse said its called stomach gastric flu which was a month ago, however I got better slowly and got appettie back slowly but however I start feel nausea again in the morning, gag and cough with chest infection, nurse gave me antibiotic called emyermtic can't spell but syrup one 4 time a day for 1 week last week and it made me feel nausea and couldn't eat breakfast but ok with lunch but eat dinner no problem and was worried, returned to nurse and she said antibiotic can affect appetite and make me nausea but should go away in a week, so its 3 days ago since my last dose but still bit cough for 2 weeks half. (Non smoker)

So I wasn't hungry this evening but had complan milkshake for breakfast with 1 toast then ham sandwich & Starbuck coffee with yoghurt for lunch but worrying why I'm not hungry/fancy eat dinner and when I eat, feel bland and ages to chew? Force myself to eat yoghurt this evening. Drinks-no problem!

I got things on my mind like what if I got stomach cancer, brain tumour- as got bit pressure on right side behind ears but nurse said its tension but she promised me that I don't have brain tumour, lung cancer and I've lost bit of weight due lost appetite but nurse reassured me that I don't have brain tumour & stomach cancer so obsessive to check my weight to make sure i put weight on but only put 2lb on from 6st 12lb to 7stone but bmi is 19.3 and body fat is 16.3 by use boot machine weight.

It made me feel down about body fat as I want to put more weight on but at home I use scales it said 7st half? I'm confusing and worry about losing weight?? I'm 24 and 4ft 11in.

I'm tired of worrying! Going to party tonight but feeling down and not up for it.

Can worrying/anxiety affect appettie?

I'm being refered to see CBT counselling and should see counsellor in 2-4 weeks time.

Pls reassure me! P.s no sleep problems as chamomile helps a lot!

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I was 9st before my anxeity (April this yr) I went doc for my contraceptive pill at beging dec and I was 8st 2lb, he said that anxeity can cause weight loss as you are worrying and it burns energy all be it negative xxxx


Without me rambling, please read previous post from lissabunny (heart attack), it may help you understand that anxiety can be about


U mean anxiety mean something is wrong or you mean anxiety make me think like this and worry over nothing? Xx


Ok so is it nothing serious???? Xxx


Hi Minnie,

As I'm sure you've now seen from looking at a few posts anxiety can make you think and feel all sorts of things. I sympathise with your heath anxiety as I have it too. You are seeing your doctor and she is reassuring you that your health is fine but you feel so ill you can't believe her, there must be something wrong and so you go back and the whole cycle starts again. It's a nightmare AND it is also daily life with Anxiety. It will get better, honestly.

Oh and stay away from the scales!!! Your weight will fluctuate during the day, week, month,etc - this is natural. Also you will weigh a slightly different amount on different scales. Focus on eating small amounts of nourishing foods that you like eg. soup, fruit, etc. Your weight will stabilize and you will be well.

I'm glad you mentioned camomile tea. I've bought some to try at night to help me sleep. Am really hoping it works and doesn't taste like pond water!!!!

Love and best wishes,



Anxiety can make you think like this so therefore you worry at the least little thing your anxiety latches onto.......... read my little blog to make you laugh.........

To think something is serious when it may be nothing is ANXIETY.....

love and best wishes.....xx


Anxiety can make you lose weight and have no appetite, which then feeds depression, without a balanced diet, anxiety can, and will, get worse, and causes the low mood you are feeling. If you can, try and eat little and often, you will start to feel better and gain weight in a week or so. Yes, and stay off the scales!!! ;)


Ok thank ladies

I will keep away from scales and eat little often to build up my appetite.

Glad I'm not the only one who got anxiety and aren't going through alone xx


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