Stomach Thing Again. What Do You Do When You Cannot Find Your Symptoms Online?

I cannot find my stomach symptoms online anywhere. Ulcer, cancer, etc. come up but I do not have thise symptoms as I do not have pain my stomach, I have this unsettled, nauseous (but not like, flu nausea when I cannot eat) that has been going on for a week. I have sore throats and I feel gross awhile after I eat and I keep worrying and get scared I am not explaining it right. The best I feel is in the morning and it seems to gp down from there or fluctuate. I am convinced something is really wrong but cannot find anything anywhere! Best way I can describe it is how you feel when you have a cold (scratchy throat, loss of appetite) or how you would feel after a flu. Some days,I do not even have to take anything for it. Other days, I take zantac but I do not know if that is out of necessity or fear. It just feels like something is really really wrong, but no one seems to believe me.


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20 Replies

  • Hey, firstly do not ever look up symptoms online that just scares you and it's not worth it. Are you taking Meds? Could be a reaction I would suggest you call 111 Nhs direct (uk) they are there to listen and advice but also going to ur dr. I don't think you making it up I've had all sorts I feel is wrong or worse anxiety lies to you. I hope you feel better. Best wishes

  • It started when I was on my period and was anxious about my stomach beforehand. I do not live in the UK.

  • And I have never taken medication, so it could not be a reaction.

  • I have this unsettled feeling alot of the time, and i am also naseous..pretty much daily. For me its the anxiety.. its this odd feeling in the out of my stomach that honestly i cant really explain to my doctor. I take tums because it settles the nauseousness sometimes.

  • Sometimes, they do nothing. I will feel really sick, just off, not nauseous, Then it will switch over to hunger and after I eat, I will get that taste again (sweet, sort of like phlegm, yuck) and then I will feel bad again.

    PMS can really do this? I keep thinking it is something real bad. I am emetophobic and have experienced many stomach things for years yet I have never had this.

    Sorry for the berading. :)

  • Thank you. I just scare myself so much and feel so yuck after I eat but am never physically sick and everything bathroom wise is regular and in the clear.

  • I hope you're right. I just have major stomach anxiety and hearing that others have had EKG's and CT scans, endoscopic stuff done and I have had only blood/urine/thyroid/blood sugar/physical done. And that was months ago. Who is to say something else has not happened?

    Anxiety is a terrible thing.

  • Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. :)

  • I have a great deal of anxiety (am getting medical help for it) and have found that when the stomach feels yucky a soft peppermint helps more than anything. I always have them on hand and along with that peppermint I can go to youtube (if it is night time and can't go for a walk) and watch some silly videos. I usually watch Family Feud clips. Laughter always helps.

  • Oh no :(

    Hun you have to stop with the Dr Google WebMd etc. you can put stomach pain and you'll get cancer and aneurysms. And in reality it can just be gas lol.

    Try to control your breathing: get a balloon and inflate it. The technique you use to inflate the balloon helps control your oxygen levels and regulate your breathing :)

    Now in your previous post you said that all this started 1 week before your menses, it can be pms it causes a whole lot of stomach issues trust me I know. And doctors have backed me up that it can cause stomach upset, increase in acid reflux, nausea squeezing feeling, tremors and the list goes on.

    As for the throat thing it could be the change of seasons/weather, the beginnings of an infection/virus ie: cold/flu and your stomach and throat can be two totally different cases and not be connected.

    Here's a good website that shows all the anxiety symptoms:

    Anxiety can magnify the symptoms you are feeling



  • And the list in the site has a section on just stomach symptoms from anxiety you might just find what you are trying to explain??

  • I love anxiety centre. Great coaches. I dunno, it is just an awful feeling and it begins after my first meal in the morning.

  • Indigestion! i have to be careful what i eat because i get acid reflux, pretty gross. Do not eat more than what your stomach feels comfortable with. I often have the same feeling of discomfort before i eat, phsycological.

  • Have you looked up CFS? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

  • Yeah, but I do not feel fatigued, so I do not believe that would be it.

  • Oh no CFS has a mirade of symptoms. you say nobody believes you.. this is one of the biggest problems with CFS.. also I have had this for several years now and and you mention feeling like you have just got over flu.. this is exactly how I have felt and also with CFS you can have IBS.. which affects the stomach, again I have IBS as well.. get this checked out as many doctors now know that CFS is a very real illness and I have met many people with it :)

  • Is it possible that you have sinus issues? I do and at times the drainiage from my sinus' getts bad enough to cause a sore throat and a sour stomach.

  • My nose is clear, though. My posture has been terrible laltely. Could that impact the digestive tract?

  • awww sweetie hi you sound identicle to me, ive had a stomach thingy happening too bloating flatulence pain in my right side (under my ribs) and it shoots into my right kidney?? I went to doctors she said I have a urine infection had 3 days of antibiotics pain has eased but keeps coming back and I am too petrified.

    I feel your pain honey as it isn't nice wether its physical or fear or happenin g through both?

    worst thing to do is look on dr google I know its not easy as we self diagnose when we are like this but google always pops up with some sort of cancer so spins you into a oblivion,,ive got the flu symptoms too maybe we can help eachother have you been doctors to get checked

  • I have not been to the doctor's in almost five months. She checked everything (I even told her to check my b12 levels) and she said there was nothing. She could not even recommend anything, as she did not seem to have any idea what the problem could be. I feel almost normal when I am hungry, but after I eat, I feel awful like, an hour later. Then it fluctuates until I am ready to eat again. And I am eating lightly.I just cannot believe this is anxiety related. my brother (he is a nurse) says that if it were anyone else, he might be concerned. But since I have had anxiety....he does not think it is a big issue. But what started first? The stomach off ness or the anxiety about my stomach?

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