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did i have a panic attack?

The other day at work i was doing somebody's hair(im a hairdresser!) and all of a sudden i felt extremely dizzy and faint, my heart started pounding and i had to excuse myself, i felt dizzy for at least half an hour and had to leave work. When i got home i calmed down a bit but just felt really exhausted, my heart palpitations seem to have calmed down also which is a relief! That same morning id felt quite spaced out and heavy headed, but this came on all of a sudden. Ive been worried alot over different things the past week and kept googling my symptoms of various things which i know is an awful idea! it became quite obsessive! obviously im still worrying that what happened to me is something different to my anxiety! Ive never felt as dizzy as that before!

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The symptoms you describe are as a panic attack can feel

Had you eaten or were your hungry as when we get a low sugar level drop that can give similar symptoms to a panic attack to

Oh dear going on Dr Google to find the answer wont have helped , I bet you think you have all sorts now which wont be helping your anxiety

I use to Google everything & by the time I had finished I had everything !!!!

When I joined this site I met so many members who had or were doing just the same we made a non Googling ban where we agreed to come on here instead & talk or help when we got the urge , I have done that ever since & it helps so much more than Google ever did !

Hope you might join the ban & come on here if you feel the urge to look as it always tells us the worse scenario which we always believe we have !

I know it isn't easy but try & not let what happened play on your mind as much as you can or this will feed the fear & then of course you anxiety will feel worse

Keep talking on here , people will relate to you & it will help knowing you are not alone & to understand what happened even though very unpleasant is not life threatening although it can leave us feeling that way





yeah, id had breakfast and everything. i know google is not a good thing to go on! i have been to my doctor and expressed that i thought something was wrong, he reassured me i was fine but even now i think hes lying to me haha ive never had it this bad before. But ill definitely not be going anywhere near google now thats for sure!



I hope you are feeling better now...if I believed everything google told me I would have cancer and MS and heart disease and all sorts so never google symptoms lol



haha yeah im now apparently epileptic! not good x



I had the same thing happen to me about 5 months ago, I was just watching tv then all of a sudden I felt very dizzy thought I was going to faint then my heart starting going really quickly, thought I was going to have a heart attact, I'm only 26

Ever since that i haven't been myself keep thinking it's going to happen again! I honestly thought I was going to die..

Get really heavy headed a lot and bloody google I have banned myself from that.. I keep seeing black dots ever since my attact, the eye doctor says my eyes are fine..

I've been doing yoga reading anxity book, but nothing seem to help!!

I've been to the doctors so Many times went and saw a different doctor and she told me I might have a panic disorder, she has put me on medication, (which I told myself I would never go on) been on them for 2 weeks now apparently they can take up to 4 weeks to work!

It's scary but it does make it a lot better my talking to people that are going through the same stuff!!

Hope your doing ok today :))


oh its dead scary isnt it! it doesnt help that when you start to feel dizzy you panic even more that youre gonna pass out! id never had the heavy headed feeling that bad! yeah its so easy to stay inside where you feel safe just incase it might happen again. 4 weeks will go quick im sure :) i always used to say id never go on anything but im sure if it happened again and they offered me something i wouldnt think twice about taking it! have you thought about going to counselling or anything? my doctor advised me to see a counsellor and im thinking about going for it x


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