Constantly afraid im going to have a heart attack!!

Ive been dealing with panic attacks for about 2yrs now. They all center around my chest and heart. If its not a feeling in my chest (aches and paines) causing a panic attack, then its a panic attack (trigged by a lot of different things) making my heart feel like it will beat out of my chest! Now anytime my hearbeat/pressure becomes elevated, i go into full blown panic. ive seen a few drs and been to the emergency room, but have found nothing seriously wrong. The only thing that has been helping is xanax, but i dont find that to be a good long term solution on its own.

I feel like im losing control of my mind.

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated



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  • Well the good news is that you've been checked and you are not having a heart attack. Try to rationalize what you just said 2 YEARS you have been dealing with this, and believe me if it was heart attack it doesn't last for two years. When u rationalize the unrational thought, you are able to take the fear out of it, and once you take fear away from panic.. you can get the power back. Try to tell yourself in the worst moments


    Or Some sort of rational thought that u can focus on. I found it helpful to record myself saying this , that way when I was panicky I wouldn't feel fluttered and forget my thought process. I listen to myself talk me out of a panic attack

  • Hi Dustin,

    I went through the exact same thing as you and when I get scared now I always believe my heart will stop mine hurts when I get it pumping I have yet to tell the doctors that.

    Xanax will help, adding CBT

    Will help loads

    Take it day by day

    Hour by hour

    Remind yourself you are ok with all the test you were given and came out ok.

    Calm your breathing when your heart starts beating fast.

    It's hard I know but work on it and trust me it helps.

  • What is CBT?

  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors.

    Example: If your afraid of going out in public therapist helps you break down why you are afraid and ways to help calm those fears and.

  • Hi dustin :-) oh what a familiar story....90% of us on here think we have an issue with our heart :-( not good huh? Everything new we feel we say "that's my heart that is" no matter what the pain or feeling. It's our irrational fear as it's nothing we can control. The way I calm down when having a panic attack? Come on here and read people's posts cos then I know I'm not alone and others feel the same

  • Brilliant!

    So simple but so true. Im actually struggling right now so i did what you suggested and found it does have a calming effect to know youre not alone.

    Thanks :)

  • I go through this as well and it's very defeating and scary. Your mind just focused and scans for the problem.Things I have found that work is to let the anxiety be there a bit but become immersed in a project even if it's some work. In addition also challenging it with exercise helps. It shows your brain you're ok. Even if it's something light. Don't misunderstand I still get this frequently but these are things I do to make my day better plus Ativan and weekly therapy.

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