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Dear Everyone,

I have been reading your blogs and would like to help in some way. However, all i can do is tell you what i have done to get through my panic attacks or what has reassured my during a panic attack. It has not always helped and I have called 999 on several occasions.

When I have a panic attack i lean against my warm radiator(cautiously) at home whilst sitting on the floor. The warmth tends to relax me. I also have a cup of tea.

I have also listened to a video of professor Paul Salkovskis who is an expert on anxiety disorders( kings college, London). You can find him by typing in 'panic disorder-nhs choices' and going for the top adres that appears. The introduction has his video. It also has other information.

I hope this helps. I am new to panic disorders.




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  • Hi marcus,

    Have you tried The Linden Method,very good indeed. Google it



  • Dear Schneck,

    Thank you for the information. I haven't tried The Linden method. I will google it.

    all the very best,


  • Hi Marcus. Thanks for telling us about what works for you when you are having a panic attack. It is interesting that warmth seems to help in both the radiator and the cup of tea. I try to think that it is just a feeling and that it feels horrible but can't do me any lasting harm. This does help me. Also, concentrating on controlling my breathing helps. Best wishes. X

  • Dear Gillyf,

    You are welcome. It is so nice to read ' This does help me'. Thank you for telling me about the breathing control. That is very helpfull. I wish you well.


    Marcus x

  • OOOH, lovely. I have just had a cup of tea and a sit by a warm radiator. Can't beat it!! marcus. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good. Panic with nervous illness can be a real swine and it knocks the stuffing out of you. Another source you may want to try is in the blog recently posted ,"The book by Dr. Claire Weekes. Essential help for your Nerves". Another good read. I do hope you feel better as I am sure you will. It does all pass, marcus, but it takes time, and and letting time pass is so difficult in the anxiety state. Very best wishes. jonthan.

  • Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you. Thank you very much for the information about the book by Dr.Claire Weekes. That is very usefull. Thank you, and thank you for the positive words.

    kindest regards,


  • Thought i,d mention just added to a question on panic attacks today by ilsonbunny (click on questions on home page).....lots of good tips on panic attacks......

  • Dear Stde,

    Thank you very much for the information, very usefull.

    best wishes,


  • Hi Marcus

    It s very important to find strategies to use when having a panick attack.I m glad u find yours..anyway the more you find them the better.



  • Dear Train80,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, it is much appreciated.

    best wishes,


  • I'm going to try that Marcus! thank you x Ella x

  • Dear Ella,

    You are very welcome. I wish you all the best with it.


    Marcus x

  • Hi, try swapping the tea for ice cold water & just have that time sitting opposite the radiator-might bring things into focus & that helps with perspective.....

  • Dear Mood_swing_man,

    Thank you for the idea. It is a very interesting one.

    best wishes,


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