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Hello Everybody,

I moved to London around 2 months ago and a few weeks back I started having panic attacks. I get short of breath and feel like I am going to have a heart attack. Has anyone else had these symptoms? it is getting very hard to deal with and effecting my sleep (It's 3:30am!) and also my day to day activities.

I am due to see a therapist this evening and going to doctors on Friday but really wanted to gage some thoughts as the conversatons I am reading look really promising. Thanks

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Hi olliebear,

Yes, that sounds like a panic attack, its not harmfull, just very distressing. Get to the therapist appointment, and they will explain whats actually going on. Once your armed with the facts, is becomes easier to deal with.

Hopefully they will give you some coping strategies too, if they dont ask here. Hang in there buddy :-)

We are with you

Wish you well





It might be the sudden change that has affected you. I have read in a book on anxiety and panic that a change of environment can bring on panic attacks.

This is probably why you are feeling this way. Have you ever had such symptons before?

I think you should talk things through with friends and family and perhaps you will feel better about everything and then the panic will fade away. Sometimes speaking with loved ones is the key. Do you have any surpressed anger or did you leave in a haste? Any stressful new work situations? Start a diary and write down any undelying reasons for why you think that the panic attacks might have suddenly occurred. You"ll be fine soon. Just keep positive and take deep breaths. Good luck. Xx

Thank you for your comments! I find this site is great for advice from people who have suffered the same effects as me.

Baylien thank you. I will definitely ask therapist regarding coping strategies. You seem to write on quite a lot of blogs so hope you don't mind me asking further questions in the future.

Babygirl29 thank you aswell. I have had panic attacks for a few years now but usually once maybe twice a year at most. I am getting them daily at the moment and they are getting bad at night time. Been speaking to family and friends and that really does help to calm me down!

Work isn't stressful at the moment as it is going really well and I did leave my home town within a short space of time but mainly because all my friends are in London! No suppressed anger as far as I know. I will try diary idea as that makes a lot of sense.

Ollie x

Hi Ollie

So sorry you are experiencing panic attacks it could be the change of environment as moving is a very stressful thing. Unless you know London well it can be alien and compared to with some other outer cities the pace is fast.

You are seeing a therapist and the Doctor make sure you tell them everything not holding back then they can come up with some help for you.

When you are not sleeping this seems to fuel thoughts and anxiety making us very anxious.

This site is so friendly and people will support and help you.

I hope everything goes well.

Please let us know how you get on.

Take care Hugs

Love Seyi xxx

Hi, i know exactly how you feel as i have been ther. One day i even dialled 999 as the palpitations were that bad i thought i was having a heart attack. go onto a site called also a good book called self help fpr your nerves by claire weeks.also try doing a relaxation tape.i have just been on a 6 week stress control course which i found very helpful and teaches you how to deal with stress and panic attacks. it's all about facing your fears and help with sleep problems. good luck . x

Hi Olliebear

What helped me many moons ago was educating myself and reading as much as possible about what was going on in my body, how all the reactions, symptoms, thoughts fuel the panic and keep it going. I learnt through a sef help group when they demostarted with the use of lemons for the adrenal glands what went on every time we started to panic, the release of adrenaline and the affects on the body, its amazing really what your body does in order to protect you really. I learnt to see through the panic attack (all the way through, and not back out of it, face the faer etc, if you can do this which is extremely diifficult your fear of the symptoms, episodes will lesson as you will know that you can have a full blown panic attack and nothing bad is going to happen. Breathing and diversional tatics also work wonders. I wish you well in seeing your therapist, take care Dee

Thanks Dee I think reading up on it further could definitely help me to understand it more. I will ask my therapist what he thinks about group therapy aswell. Did reading up further about it scare you though?

Hypo7 Thank you I went on the website and it is very helpful. I am going to get Claire Weekes book as a lot of people have mentioned this.

Seyi Thank you for your kind words! I will let you all know how I get on and I really appreciate all the help everyone gives on this website its fantastic!


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