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Morning all

How was everyones Christmas? Hope it wasnt anxiety ridden and the day went as good as you wanted it to be.

Mine went ok, it was perfect til about 11am when i had to go to bed for an hour or so to chill out, my anxiety hit the roof! Heart racing and i felt really tired. My grand son who is 4, was diagnosed a few months ago with an autism spectrum (we dont know which one as yet as it can take years to fully diagnose which spectrum he has), he is very much a handful, very loud and he never stops, he does set my anxiety going, bless him. Anyway, i felt washed out for the rest of the day. So glad its over with now.

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Hi. linny. But you did bear up, didn't you? Children with this problem can be a handful and I have nothing but admiration for those who have to cope. At the therapy clinic I worked at for a while there was an Osteopath who specialised in Cranial Therapy for this kind of condition. Apparently the skull is divided into sections which move around and can cause pressure on the brain. He had great success with this therapy and it may be worth a try. The College of Osteopaths could put your daughter or son on to the right practitioner. Have a good rest, linny, and come back ready and willing to help as you always are. Love. jonathan.


I'm just glad it's over. Didn't have so much anxiety and I managed to get the shopping with no real stress. Just very conscious that someone that was in my life last Christmas wasn't this year and so having a lot of sad thoughts about that. I refused to contact that person to send a message that they could no longer be in my life. Xmas day itself was much smaller in scale than last year, however the days either side of it were better. None of it is as good as when you can share it with somebody.


Hi Lin,

Wel done for getting through the anxiety. I wish you a great remaining week.

best wishes,



Hi. warren. I dont know your circumstances so cannot comment on that. But any relationship has to be a meaningful meeting of two EQUAL partners. If one dominates the other then it is not equal and usually ends in disaster. An adult has to treat another adult as such and not as some sort of inferior person. Relationships are one of the most difficult of human experiences and are rarely sucessful. This may sound pessimistic, but look around you! 3 out of 5 marriages end up in divorce because there is very little understanding of the others needs.

If only we could transfer some of the goodwill and understanding on this site to those outside we would have done a good job. Very best wishes to you. jonathan.


Hey Lin

Glad christmas wasnt as bad as you thought. Hope you are ok and starting to unwind a little.

Love Lou.



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