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Morning all xx

Hi all, have not been on in a few days so thought I'd check in and say hi.

I've not been so bad lately, anxiety minimal. Think work has a lot to do with it as it's so busy I literally don't have time to think. Can definitely see a difference when I'm in the house!

I've tried my best not to take sleeping pills and succeeded half the time.

Still waiting on cbt referral but it's only been about a month.

I didn't do anything for bank holidays as I was working, but did have a nice day out at the dinosaur park in tenby last week with husband and children. (We are getting on well and seeing how things go, which makes me pleased.)

How have you all been? Hoping all well xx

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Morning Loo

This was a great post to get up to & read , just look at you :)

Its like another Loo has appeared ;)

You sound like you are so busy , like you said , your havnt had time to feel your anxiety

You were so nervous about this job & yet it seems to be working in your favor , I am so pleased for you & I hope you feel proud of yourself , you should do :)

Also I am so pleased at the moment you & hubby are seeing if you can work things out , I do hope that a day at a time you can build on what you already have together

Let us no how you keep getting on & dont forget some you time now & again ;)





Whywhy thanks for your positivity, you are so helpful honestly.

I do feel very different at the moment, slight glitches here and there but I'm managing it and trying not to let it overtake me. Everything seems to be falling into place and I'm hoping it'll stay that way.

How are you doing lovely? Xx


Bless you

I think you are doing fantastic & its to be expected a few glitches , I think everyone has those , even people that dont have anxiety

I do honestly wish you all the best & have everything crossed for you , you have really put your all into this & deserve the rewards :)

I am suffering with my migraines again at the moment , but I am sure they will pass as they usually do , until the next one comes along , thank you for asking me though :)



Ah hope you feel better soon hun. Migraine's are horrendous aren't they! I just need to lock myself in a dark room when I get them, not that easy though is it?

Thanks whywhy, you have been a great help to me xx


Morning ish, such a happy post. Sounds like you are doing well. Just please remember to have some relaxation time built in. You need it.

I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying some positive time with your husband I do hope it all keeps you happy.

Take care xxx


Thank you winter. Yes I must still get my relaxation in, still need it and probably will for a long time if not forever.

How are you? Xx


Starting to feel a bit more like myself I think!!!! Thank you xxxxx


Great stuff winter. Hope it works out for you xx


Morning LooLoo

Always lovely to read a positive post & what a lot of positives there are! So pleased for you :)

Things improving here too thanks :)

Have a good day



Glad things are better for you thomson :-) let's hope things stay that way hey!

Have a good day x


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