GOD Please Heal Us🙏

I am speaking from My heart about my experience with anxiety...

I really dont know what to do. Ive felt like this before but it feels worse then most days.

I fell asleep like at 10 last Night and i woke up at 2 with sweats and racing/Pounding heart. I got up went to the bathroom and prayed and took deep breaths and All i felt inside was nausea and My heart Throbbing as if it wanted to Jump out and Run away. I was shedding tears and asking God To Please help me overcome this fear and thoughts of death or that something bad would happen to me. I wanted to jump into cold water and just snap out of it. But i thought about my kids and i said to myself NO, NO I CANNOT ANYMORE i need to fight for my LIFE. So i went to the room and it felt so UNREAL. i was touching things and saying to myself this is real. Iam here. this is NOW. and i just couldnt snap out of it!! I ran into bed grabbed my Husband and cried on him (While he was asleep) he woke up & he held me tight. he knew what was going on and said to me "its ok baby fight it" i was extremely shaken like a poor puppy in the rain. I couldnt sleep at all till 4 am. So morning comes and i woke up at 8:30 am and was very very dizzy eyes were blurry and very heavy. Idk what was going on but i was stumbling and i was very lightheaded. So yeah anxiety and panic kicked in. I was freaking OUT that i thought i was going to die from a brain aneurysm.... Sigh anxiety smh. I was fed up and all day ive felt like crap. Now its 9:30pm and iam still dizzy and butterfly feeling in my stomach is making me feel sick. I took an advil PM because it seems to be the only thing that KNOCKS ME OUT TO SLEEP!!!! 😤😴

I see a therapist in 3 days and my General Doctor in a week for Blood work etc... Iam relieved i finally get to see a doctor and therapist But anxiety has me thinking i will never get better and it will ONLY GET WORSE. 😭😥 Iam drained and i keep getting chest pains i dont knew if its because i have gas or air bubbles but its very scary also i have these sharp pains in my head that come and go. And my neck also is hurting all due to anxiety issues. And now dizziness? Ive been getting dizzy not all the time but its been happening a few times. And iam scared i might have a brain tumor or illness. Why? Why cant i just realize that this is all anxiety and fear And i CAN easily get over this in time?.... Why is it hard to Move on from this? Why cant i just feel like a normal Human being?.... What is normal though? I dont know how it feels to be normal anymore! My life is ruined and iam only 26 years old and ive been Suffering from this since i was 19.... God almight please heal me and my fellow supporters in this Group. Heal us from all this pain and suffering we go thru on day to day basis. God is amazing and Good all the time. I will continue to have strong beliefs in my lord jesus christ. I know he will bless me with healing and i will be back to my old self. Just better.

Have a Good evening everyone You will be in my prayers.🙏❤

P.s sorry for the very very long post. Just had to express how i really feel and experience with anxiety.

Xoxo Paulette💋🌹

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  • Thank you for your prayers for everyone. I feel so bad when I hear young woman like yourself going through the nightmare of anxiety. I have had it for years and not that I don't get scared anymore, but I have become hardened to many of the symptoms. I remember the earlier days of anxiety making me wake up feeling like my heart was going to burst, feeling like I couldn't take a breathe, jumping out of bed and running towards a door so I could breathe again. Days when just sitting in a restaurant with family would make me so anxious that a darkness would come over me and I would feel like peppermint all over. The lightheadedness, the full headed feeling and tightness throughout my body. My children were older but then I had a 2y.o. foster child and the fears came back. Knowing I was responsible for this child made me fearful of the "what ifs". So I understand, how anxiety overpowers us with fear. I'm angry at all the time I've wasted on something I can't see, just feel. My wish is for everyone suffering from anxiety to find peace in their hearts and mind.

    My thoughts will be with you tonight in hopes that tomorrow the sun will shine for you. xx

  • Beautiful thank you so much for your reply ❤ and for sharing something personal. I wish none of this existed for anyone. Its horrible

  • I needed this right now. I've been saying the same prayer all day. Thank you so much! I'm trying to overcome this dizziness! God will heal us!

  • Amen. Yea he will! Never ever give up on him or your faith in him. He will heal and we will Have our victory!!!

  • Love you sweetie and God is good all the time whether we see it or not! I'm praying for all of us who are going through all of this! BIG HUGS 💛

  • Thanks chubbers this really means alot. Iam tired of suffering!!!

  • Everyone please pray for me. I can't seem to shake this dizziness. I can't stop crying. I feel like something is seriously wrong. I have had so many tests tho. I can't stop bein lightheaded and nauseous too. I'm so scared :(

  • It's annoying ass anxiety. Unfortunately it has the ability to magnify itself. But that's all it is Is stupid anxiety

  • Its Very annoying and i cant deal with it anymore i just want it gone from me !

  • Do y'all ever suffer from constant dizziness and lightheadedness to where it feels like you could collapse?

  • Hunny ive been dizzy for 2 days now and it cones nd goes. I just woke up and iam still dizzy from yesterday night! I feel like my head will fall to one side i cant shake it offfffff!!!

  • I do 😩I'm so tired of feeling like this, especially the feeling of doom, I try so hard to shake it but it's still there. Please God heal us all🙏🏻

  • I get dizzy and lightheaded a lot. It's because we're always hyperventilating a little. We don't get enough oxygen. If you can manage to take a good, deep breath - I know it's hard to get a deep breath when you're scared - the lightheadedness gets better.

  • I still suffer from anxiety. But I'm slowly learning how to overcome it and I have hope for the future. Anxiety is a tricky thing to beat once you're in the cycle. You feel anxious, your body then released adrenaline and cortisol...the fight or flight chemicals...but there isn't anything to fight or flee from, so you panic or get anxiety because you can't quite figure out why you feel this way, which creates more adrenaline and cortisol. This starts the whole process over again until you're mentally exhausted because the body can only take so much. The trick is to accept its anxiety, just roll with it and don't fight it. Laugh at yourself and accept the silliness of anxiety. This breaks the cycle, this stops the adrenaline and cortisol reuptake. Another tip is journaling. When you write down all your symptoms and thoughts caused by anxiety it becomes easier to beat it. My journal went from king disease, heart failure, copd, blood clot, tumor, cancer, pulmonary embolism, emohysmea, CTEPH, pneumonia, blood disease, throat cancer, anuerysm. These are all rate diseases and I thought I had them all...legitimately believed it. Now, I've had all the tests, whic you should too, but after all came back normal I was able to accept I have an anxiety disorder and I had to fight it. My kids deserve a father who is present, and Dammit I'm going to beat anxiety to give them just that. I'll pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. I hope your tests come out clear and you can beat the anxiety cycle.

  • Wow thats how i feel ive had pneumonia in the past when i was 20 but it was cleared and after a few years started to think it came back but it wasnt 😒. I just had a scar from the pneumonia in my lung called granuloma and it was found in a ct scan of my lungs because i kept having chest pains. But it wasnt from the granuloma it was anxiety related. I hate it so much but i keep fighting it i keep telling myself iam better then this so iam still here praying and enjoying life day by day!

  • I so hear you, this is how I often feel, when will it stop?

    I have no idea.

  • I get em everyday! They probably will be stuck with me for life but i k ow i wont stop living and enjoying myself

  • I am so sorry that someone so young is having to live this. I am in my 60's and so want to find the real ME again. I will pray for your recovery, you are way too young to have to feel this and live with anxiety... hopefully E.

  • Tha k you so much i hope to recover from this as soon as possible i feel so broken inside.

  • My heart goes out to you,When i started taking panic attacks 25 years ago,i would shout for my hubby to hold me,while screaming i was going to die .I couldn't walk to the bathroom, i was so dizzy.my eyes were blurry,and my legs just would not carry me.I was put on Tolvon..think they call it Mianserin now..30mg one at night..and xanax as needed..slowly my attacks went away,for 20 years i was on these meds,They were helping me..but they are an old med and this new doctor told me to go off them and try ssri a/ds..so I weaned myself off them...BAD mistake..no other a/d agreed with me. and the panic attacks are back..to top it all, I cant get used to the old tablets I was on.so I am left now with xanax, and a doctor I have no trust in.my life is hell,and nobody cares ,These attacks your having won.t kill you.but they are scary,i will say a prayer for you...love Miarose.

  • Wow it must be so rough. I was on klonopin before i got pregnabt and they helped ALOT but now iam seei g a new Dr. And i hope i Dont get a weird med that would freak me out then i wont take them... Being so afraid of its side effects. :(


  • He will In time. He will Heal us all and soon we will all be Free of disease free of stress and darkness!

  • I feel for ya but heres the thing......u put ure complete trust in nothing more than a belief. Your saying 'he' is absolutely great yet in the same sentance begging for 'his' help. If 'he' was so great as you say you wouldnt be ill begging for his help.

    I think you need to believe in yourself more instead of an entity of questionable and debatable reality. You can help you, no one else.

    I dont mean to sound naggy, well i am abit as the rules of this forum are quite clear 'no religious posts' ;) , its just loads of people 'turn to god' when becoming ill (not saying your one btw) and low and behold never recover. They become slaves to the church. (see how ive seperated spiritualism from the church). Never become themselves. Never finding out who they really are and thats the key to recovery.

    Believe in yourself Paulette :)x

  • Thanks for the advice. And i dont recall this forum saying No religious posts. It says Not to Discriminate religion race etc.. :) but anywho i really appreciate your comment and i respect that. I do believe in myself aswell as i believe in jesus christ. 

  • But my question is do you believe you and only you are responsible for your destiny? only you can alter your life? im worried people will put their faith in their god and never recieve an answer leaving them feeling discarded and worthless. After all, mental health is ruthless.

  • In a way we are all Responsible for our destiny. If we dont take care of ourselves we can become ill. And anxiety is an illness i Didnt take care of. I had signs from my god that i should of went to the doctor before anxiety got severe and i didnt and now iam with severe panic disorder. And now everytime i get a sign i follow it. But i have been Blessed by God many times so I know deep down he is real. Alot of people have faith in him for a reason...

  • Belief is not a bad thing. Complete trust in a belief is where im saying problems could happen. You sound quite switched on and understand that you control you and your destiny but others blindly follow faith and ive seen with my own eyes the effect of hardcore man made religion such as catholacism on people with mental health issues. Becomes kinda abusive. But i'll say again as ive always said, religion is man made, belief and spiritualism isnt. :)

    Also i want to ask you a question. Not for any other reason than im genuinly interested. But why does everyone refer to their god as a male?

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