Good evening to everyone and all new comers and today went wrong

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and had a good day today, it is still to hot for me, which don't help my anxiety, I went out again this morning to a café, first hour was ok but then head went dizzy, and felt like I was wobbling, and I was sitting down. That then caused me tension which then caused more dizziness then the thoughts that I felt awful, an yes then a big snowball from there to feeling faint and felt detached from the surroundings The thing is I caused it. I just came home , and anxiety has pestered me all day.





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  • Hello Bonnie.

    Yes I know what you are talking about with heat and's been a real pain, the Scot bloodline in me seems to react to heat pretty bad...still yet to have rain and I cannot wait



  • I sooo wish it would cool down, its just to hot for me , and yes the sooner it rains the better, that or cool down to a nice comfortable 20 degrees.




  • Well done for going out. It's horrid when you feel dizzy. 1hr was brilliant. I hope your your feeling better now

    Love Winter xxxx

  • Hi Bonnie,

    I find being dizzy one of the most distressing symptoms of anxiety and this heat doesn't help.

    Try to look at the positives ~ you went out and for the first hour you were ok. That's brilliant progress. You're doing really well :)


  • Hi Bonnie

    I am sorry it wasnt such a good day today hun , but you did well & went out again

    I hope your anxiety has calmed down a little

    Its hot & humid here as well , we still have all the doors & windows open & fans blowing & its 11.30 , one reason I am still up & same i am getting a bit fed up with it now as well

    Hope its a better day for you tomorrow




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