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Had a very bad morning...

Woke up with severe anxiety, was feeling so scared and anxious all day, had about 2 hours of meditation, it calmed me but as soon as i stopped i was hit with fear, I took a diazepam about an hour ago and i'm a bit clamer.

I'm back at the docs in the morning, i'm so fed up with this...at least i went out for an hour, i just want to get past this and it's so hard, feeling really down xx

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It takes time but you will get pass this , I no it feels like you never will but things will get better

Well done though because no matter how bad you feel you always seem to push yourself & get out

I hope you get some positive help when you see your GP tomorrow





same as whywhy; hope you feel better soon. Like you i push myself to do something every day and yet, like you, it never seems to help at the moment- just feel so spaced out and unreal-just as bad as the panic attacks really. keep us updatedxxxx


Sorry you had such an awful morning.

For the most part my fear comes from hormones - just the way my brain is interpretting what the hormones are doing to the rest of my body. Even knowing that its really horrid :( It gets worse when I'm stressed.

Knowing it is the hormones does at least mean I don't bother with going around in ever decreasing circles wondering what it is that is making me so scared.

Meditation does help me calm down as well and somehow I seem to be able to hang on to the calm these days.

Brain did try the whole death as the ultimate out strategy and got into a loop of anxiety over that a few months back but managed to get wise to what was going on, acknowledge the thoughts and tell them that I wasn't interested in dwelling on them and was prepared to do that for a couple of months until the brain got the message and stopped the feedback loop but it actually took a matter of days. Occasionally I get a 'wouldn't it be nice to be dead thought' and now the first response is 'okay, that's interesting - I'm obviously feeling a bit stressed. Thanks for letting me know but I'm not going to play the death anxiety game anymore' and it seems to work.

Hope the trip to the doctor is useful and you manage to find a way of staying with the calm.


Hi friends,

Been an awful day, i'm going to have a bath soon and some dinner, thanks for all your kind words, i'm so glad you are all there and supporting me, it's been especially hard the last two days....

I need help, i'm hoping my doctor can help me.


Hi London -man, last week I had a really hard time with anxiety, I just felt that I was losing control of everything, it was the fear of every thing and my racing thoughts going round and round, last weds I went to see my counsellor and had sort of lost the plot a bit, he was very good at calming me down that day. I saw my counsellor today and he said he was worried about me as he had never seen me so stressed out and anxious. I am glad to say that slowly over the weekend gone I slowly started to feel better. I live with my sister and her family at the moment, so it can be hard to find some where to be on my own, but I go to my room and come on here to find support. Am glad you are coming on here as it doe's help. Hope you get on okay with your doc tomorrow, shall be thinking of you. Take care.


Hi Gardener,

That's how i have been feeling for a few days, I have no counselor at the moment, im waiting on a referal from my doctor. Thanks for being there...it helps to talk about it.


HI LM thinking of you, and wish you well at the docs tomorrow.




Thanks Bonnie xxx


Hi LM, sorry it's such a struggle at the minute.

Hope all goes well today at the docs, take care



Thanks hun x


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