That was a big one

Hiya just come on to tell you I've just had a big panic/anxiety attack and I'm shattered some of you may say if it was a big one how can you come on here so quick and write about it because I want to show if you go with it they end easier than if you fight them it was a big one sweating feel like vomiting chest pains heart feeling like it was going to pound it's way out of my chest I knew it was coming I'd had a warning earlier in the night it lasted about 15 or so minutes my heart rate shot up it was set off by a phone call about a debt I owe at 8 50 PM which I thought was a bit much they wouldn't listen and it went from there. But I sat while it run its course I let it go and it went as I say it's left me a bit tired but its easing heart rates coming down and I didn't have to call the paramedics everyone of these I let go makes the next one a bit easier they don't just stop overnight but they get easier I hope you all can take heart from this here's wishing you well Mel


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  • Good for you are conquering your fear .

    In some previous posts I mentioned that I got so sick of them I ended up talking to them (in my mind of course lol) and saying "come on then give me your best shot" and when they subsided saying "well is that the best you can do?".

    And guess what they got weaker and weaker and vanished.....why because I stopped feeding the fear......they had given up because they didn,t scare me any longer.....

    I applaude your strentht..keep it and best wishes

  • Thanks I hope your keeping well the support from people on here is as good as any medication thanks. Mel

  • Well done mel, reading ur post made me smile because u got thou it withou adding more fear to it, and uve done really well. I also talk to mind in my head, I have done out loud in the comfort of my own home. Xxx

  • Thanks for your words you be well too Mel

  • I almost feel guilty reading this because the job i do means i could have been that person calling you, although I am certain I wasn't, because if it was me you spoke to, then I would have listened! I know it can be hard, but if anyone is calling you about a debt and it is causing you anxiety, if you don't feel you are in a position to discuss the debt because of the anxiety it is causing you, then explain this to them. If they don't listen then they are not doing their job properly and you have every right to complain. Speaking to your creditors is the best way to get things sorted, but this isn't always easy, especially if the person you are speaking to is not doing the best of jobs. Most financial institutions will have a specialist team who are trained to deal with those who are vulnerable. If you are struggling financially then you can get help from your local CAB or Step Change debt charity (formerly known as CCCs). If you don't feel that whoever you are speaking to is listening, then again tell them you are not happy, and under their regulations, this has to be logged as a complaint, even if you are complaining about the person you are talking to, they are obliged to log this, and this call will probably be listened to.

    Even when it comes to debt, the customer is always right :-)

  • Thanks for your reply you don't need to feel guilty doing your job this was just a call that got out of hand for me I like to be polite always when speaking to someone on the phone but this lady was persistent and not listening and the lateness of the call it just got to me I have high blood pres anyway and she pushed it higher and it went from there . Thanks again for your concern and I am sorting the problem . Mel

  • Hi. Mel. You sat still and let it run its course. This is true ACCEPTANCE and it is the real and only ultimate answer (In my opinion, I hasten to add). Taking to yourself is also a good idea. I used to do it a lot and even now I do. "Don't be such a damn fool; this feeling wont harm you. Stop this nonsense, accept, and get on with what you are doing". Mind you, having said that I realise that when in the 'deeps' this does not come easy. stde says the feelings don't scare him any longer. This is also the secret. FEAR has to come into the picture for the dreaded symptoms to arise. Without fear there would be no panic; no trembling or fatigue. Just a "Here you are again, good luck" attitude. In regard to the debt. I think axegrinder is right. Some people are so insensitive it beggars belief. To ring you at 8.50 is not on! Your reaction to the phone call does highlight the problem we sensitised people have. Trying situations cannot be avoided but our reactions are out of all relation to the event. Anyway, do you best and very well done. Your recovery has begun. Very best wishes. jonathan.

  • Cheers Jonathan your kind words to a fellow sufferer are always much appreciated thanks again and I hope you too are keeping well . Mel

  • Well done Mel! I'm proud of you lad! That's what it's all about!!! Ohh I could do a dance in the rain! ;0 This is the sort of letter that makes my spirits soar!! Blessed Acceptance!

    Mel ...get caller display and if you don't recognise the number or in some cases you do....Don't pick it up late at night. Bloody well done for sitting this out! that is so encouraging for all of us Lots of Love x ella x

  • So much enthuisiasm on this post it brings a tear to my eyes...........wait a minute men don,t cry (rubbish)......xx

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