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Is someone up i need to talk to someone asap plesse help


soo i went out had some drinks of aholo idk why my heart is racing alot and my pulse for some reason and its make me jump whenni laid down like a jump feeling in my chest in throat that i think im about to call the abulance to come immsomscared scared

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Don’t be worried or scared, alcohol increases your heart rate anyway and worrying about it is gonna make your pulse race as I always find next day after drinking I am a lot more anxious and just try to relax, put some meditation on or something.

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i worried im shaking now aswell like alot i feel like im cold i feel like im about to have a seizure or something its real


Calm down ,breathe in and out slowly, control your thinking. Drink a glass of water. Do not panic. Count the things in your area bring yourself back to a state of normality.

im shaking alot aswell like alot can someone please help me

Are you alone? If you are... Sit up straight and try to clear your head. Breathe in and out. Try your very best and not get scared it will only increase your adrenaline and make it harder. The aclohol probably put you in a shock. If you aren't alone, go around someone is better be with someone so if the situation worsen they can help.

only my mom is the one here but i cant say nun because she is worry person but why is my heart doing all that i

As much as I don't want you to worry your mother you must tell someone especially if this is the first time it's happening to you. Could be you had too much to drink, you're anxious or anxiety attack. The most you need to do is relax. Its easier said than done but try. The alochol probably making you get paranoid because your not use the feeling. Just follow what I said prior to this time. Is okay love, I'm here to help you.

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Hi Johnnie1234, hopefully by now you are calming down some. You have gotten the best advice as always from the forum. Everything that KellyLorraine899, Zendayabae, Janebee and Lm92 told you is true. I hope you listened to their comforting words and are hydrating. We live and learn through our experiences. Sometimes it's a trade off of a few moments of fun and relaxation for an after effect of misery. The choice is always yours.

You'll be okay Johnnie. You are safe. Take it easy today. Feel better :)

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Hi Johnnie 1234 sit down breath in slowly which ever room your in start looking around your room and naming every that you see in the room don't miss anything out go all the way round the room until you get back to where you started do that and breath slowly while you do it

It find that that helps me thinking of you. Janebee

So many of us have let you know that alcohol can aggravate arrythmias. That's all it is. Deep breaths. The shaking is because your adrenaline is rushing through your blood stream right now. You're fine. Your body is tired and needs to rest so lie down, close your eyes, force yourself to take slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, imagine each individual muscle relaxing as you lay there and remember you're fine. Your body is just overstimulated right now.

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