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Did I just suffer a heart attack/DVT?

I'm truly sorry to be such a pest, but my health is going downhill fast and I'm no longer certain it's anxiety related. Last night I was fast asleep, when I got woken up by a numb arm and numb legs/feet. On my right leg, I could feel a "wet," cold patch which I've been worried was a blood clot, because both of my legs and my arm STILL feel numb, no matter what I do. It kept me up all night because I had to keep moving my legs to prevent the same feeling from coming back. Even when I felt comfortable, massive headrushes end up waking me up.

Furthermore a few seconds later I felt a MASSIVE spasm in my chest and upper back. There was no pain and it only lasted for a second, but it's left me fearing for my life ever since - what if it was a silent heart attack? I needed 3-4 pillows to sleep without any chest discomfort so maybe it's my heart after all? Nobody believes me and I can't get myself to A&E, so I need to know for certain what happened to me please..!

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Ok, to make sure you phone 999......If it is you have saved your life, if it isn,t then they might tell you thats its all down to anxiety....If they tell you this then you have to accept that the experts know best.....then if it happens again you ask your doctor to review/give you meds.

I feel your anxiety right now...so put your mind at rest by finding out the true cause, and if it is anxiety,ACCEPT that it is anxiety.....Because if it is it will cause physical spasms and pains and headaches and muscle pain --and-- and-- and. And if you don,t worry about you health your mind will find something else....THATS HOW IT WORKS......

I,m sorry if this sounded harsh, it wasn,t meant to be, its just sometimes we need to be told just how it is.....I truly wish you well........., now lift the phone and start the ball rolling towards the truth.


Hi not to dismiss your feelings but the likelihood of you having a heart attack and posting today are slender to slim. The things you describe I have had the same. Convinced myself I'd had a heart attack, all classic anxiety symptoms tho. Sorry for sounding unsympathetic but it's more likely to be your anxiety going into overdrive and your thoughts are now keeping you in that vicious cycle. Control your breathing, it will help relax your chest wall which in turn will stop the spasms and help with the numbness and tingling. If you're not feeling comfortable you could try NHS Direct.


Daxter - first of all, you are NOT being a "pest" - I doubt if there is one of us on here who has not gone through something similar, and Christmas Day just makes is worse! RING YOUR SURGERY!!! Okay, there won't be a doctor there, but they WILL have a number for Out Of Hours service - ring that, and talk to a doctor. Explain exactly as you have here - if the on duty doctor feels there is any cause for concern, S/HE will arrange an ambulance to get you to A&E. If not, they will reassure you that it IS all down to anxiety. NhS Direct can be okay, but I've found them variable - when i rang once, explained it was about myself and i was alone, the nurse asked "is the patient confused?" - to which my retort was - Well, if I was, I wouldn't know, would I????" :( RING YOUR SURGERY! It's almost certainly anxiety - they really do not sound like the symptoms of a heart attack to me, but talking to a doctor will reassure you.

Hope you get some proper medical advice, hun, and can enjoy the rest of the day knowing you're NOT going to die - which you're not, I'm sure!

Lots of love, keep posting if it helps.




Hi Daxter my friend, its a bit of a pickle your in, you already know the answer to 'if i have chest pains what should i do' but its the answer your not so keen on. There isnt any doctors here, we provide support to other suffers of anxiety, being somewhat experts of our own problems. if you are asking if your symptons sound like bouts of anxiety, then the answer is yes, most people here will have experienced all the difficulties you have suggested you are suffering from, anxiety will give you, a racing heart, muscle fatigue, joint pains, sweating, along with many other complex symptons, best of all, a fear of illnesses that you dont have, because your mind is trying to focus on what you dont want it to, if it finds something that is going to be difficult to achieve, then im afraid thats probably going to be the one thing you cant get out of your mind, like going to the hospital, all the other difficulties from negative thinking can come from this particular situation. however, having said this, it is always important to make sure that it is anxiety that you are suffering from, its never 'just anxiety' anxiety is real and an awful illness to suffer with. but it must be confirmed by the medical services, you know that. you are never a pest to ask for support, that is the reason we are all here, we all struggle daily. i do hope you feel a little better soon Daxter, you will find you are always welcome to air your problems here, you will get support, and never be judged, i do understand that it is not always simple to go to the hospital for every one, i certainly couldnt just call an ambalance and go, i cant get out, how could i go to the hospital, its not always that easy, even if it is serious, it may appear obvious to some people to make that trip, but not always that easy for some to do, if that is your problem. i do understand if this is your difficulty, but this isnt clear from what you have said, just that you dont want to go, all the best Daxter, VV


Hi Daxter,

What a horrible experience. I hope you've followed all the advice above. You are not wasting anybody's time. You need to be checked out properly by people who are competant to diagnose you.

That said what you are describing is perfectly consistant with anxiety. As Vincent said there is no such thing as "just" anxiety and it can produce some pretty horrendous physical symptoms, especially in the middle of the night and on festive weekends when you know the hospital is "closed"!!!

I hope all is well.

Please let us know how you've got on.x


Poor you Daxter....do you live alone? what an awful experience for you! I cannot add any more advice than has been offered except to say let us know how you are dear? x Ella x


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