Afraid of a heart attack

Last night I had a major panic attack. First it started with sore muscles. I thought my heart was causing this so I freaked out. Then I was breathing heavily, as if I was sighing. Thirdly, my body was going NUMB and that was when I became terrified at maximum. I did not have any chest pains which reassured me but I searched it up (BAD IDEA) and found out some people who are victimized by heart attack DON'T FEEL CHEST PAINS!! I was so scared. Couldn't go to the hospital. Someone reassure me please ):


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  • Go to your GP get some test to ease ur mind. :) live happy xoxo

  • Thank you!

  • You are fine, I do the same thing and all it does is worry me to death. When I have those attacks I get so worked up like you posted but my stomach gets all upset and I start shaking like I'm cold. I usually have to take something like Xanax to call me down. Sometimes that is the only thing that works. Its like once your mind starts worry you lose control. It sounds like its just anxiety.

  • I can control my anxiety sometimes. I breathe into cupped hands. Used to breathe into paper bags but then the housekeeper threw them all away *thanks Gina* The sad part tho is that I'm too young to take Xanax :( Thank you for reassuring me :)

  • Your research is right but I don't know since I'm not a doc. but I get all that from anxiety. since you can still breathe now it seems like a good thing? I feel for you. this is awful and feels so real.

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