Heart attack?

I'm sitting here watching TV and out of the blue I feel like I'm having a heart attack. I've had anxiety most of my life but this is weird. Back in April of last year I went to ER for possible heart attack. Tight chest, deep breaths, can't catch breath, etc. They did every test under the sun and came up with nothing. Said it was just my anxiety. Well it happened again tonight really bad. It's actually worse at night. Does anyone know if you can have angina where your chest feels tight while lying down? How do I know if this is not angina?


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16 Replies

  • It sounds more like digestive disturbance. Sometimes after a large meal or gassy foods, it can feel like a heart attack and then you get anxious and can't get a deep breath

    Relax and have a hot cup of tea, think Happy thoughts, watch a comedy.

    If it was a heart attack you would not be writing on here, you would just know to seek help.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks so much🙂

  • Anytime, we've all been there. ;)

  • Hello How 777 have you had an angiogram ? If you have and all ok then you must believe the doctors

    It really sounds like anxiety

    I was rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack the pain was like my chest was being crushed and I was almost passing out

    Did they give you any medication to take ? I have a spray that I have to put under my tongue when I get pain If they didn't give you anything then they must know it's anxiety

    I suffer from anxiety but this was completely different so please believe them if they have said it's anxiety They would not have sent you home had it been your heart

    Also as Cicinoodle has said it could also be indigestion that can cause really bad pain

    Keep a diary of when you feel like it what the symptoms are and what made it feel better I'm sure then that will reasure you that you are fine

    All the best

  • Thank you so much Cat.👍

  • Try not to worry I know easier said than done but if they had the slightest doubt it was your heart they wouldn't have sent you home

    Take care xx

  • angina occurs when the heart is working harder, so on exercise, not at rest. Anxiety is worse at rest and also at night if you are awake, so this again sounds like anxiety.

  • Thanks 👍

  • hi,if you had angina the hospital would have picked up on it,its definitely anxiety.I suffer health anxiety and I always feel like I'm going to have a heart attack,its the worst feeling ever

  • I feel that way a lot. I also have bad depersonalization and derealization especially during these moments. Most of my days seem in a fog. The Doctor is trying something that is relatively new for anxiety and depression, it's called Meripex?

  • I know how you feel,any little pain I get in my chest I feel my anxiety coming on,if I'm busy I don't think about it,it's when I m relaxing I start thinking about things,I'm 48

  • It sounds like a panic attack try listening to some relaxing music or have a nice hot bath that sometimes helps x

  • I am 59 now and 2 years ago I had a heart attack, I had been stressed all day, hadn't eaten properly and not had much to drink. I had a big helping of profiteroles for lunch! That evening I picked a heavy shopping bag up and felt an ache across my back and front, I thought I had pulled a muscle. I drove home but the pain slowly went down my arms and I couldn't get comfortable. 15 minutes later when I went to get out of the car I realised I was breathless and the ache was very bad indeed, I was writhing in pain. My daughter called the ambulance and after taking an aspirin and gas I felt much better. They couldn't find anything wrong but it was definately a heart attack. I suffered from anxiety after that and I went to a naturopath who gave me some herbs for the anxiety and vitamins. It cured my anxiety for good, just brilliant, I have some herbal tea if I ever do feel a bit anxious but it hasn't come back. I take magnesium malate daily and good vitamins and minerals and feel brilliant. I also got onto NDT myself. I trust my naturopath who looks at the cause of problems and doesn't wait for symptoms to appear like an NHS doctor. You are probably expecting to be bad at night which brings on your anxiety. Pay to go to a naturopath, do your research, its well worth the money. xx

  • Also, after being quiet for 8 weeks I went to rehab and started having exercises, these caused me to have pain in the chest. I got anxiety, called an ambulance, they said nothing wrong but I knew I wasn't imagining it. My anxiety got worse but then I read up about costo chondritis, an inflammation between the sternum and ribs and sure enough when I pressed on these points they were tender. I was using my ribs more in the exercise class and it was straining this area. I believe it can also be caused by a virus. I went to the doctor but they weren't at all helpful and wouldn't even feel the area. After a few months it gradually disappears but if I feel a twinge I feel my adrenalin starting to pump, then its time to go for a brisk walk and use up that adrenalin before it turns into anxiety. You can also get an mp3 hypnosis online for anxiety about the heart and no panic away helped. I hope this helps, its a horrible feeling.

  • Angina Is Really Not Something You'll Just Feel While Laying Does Like Indigestion With Some Anxiety.

  • Hello , I think the dr would have told you if they found that you had angina . And sometimes anxiety dose that out of the blue . If you were having a heart attack there is no way you would be writing on here while having one . Anxiety dose anything and everything to our body's . As quick as it comes on it can go away if we don't pay attention to it . . And anxiety is very uncomfortable but it can't kill you. But with my exspirence with anxiety it sounds like anxiety . Try to relax when that happens and do something to get your mind off it. .

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