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Going mad,depressed really low

Feeling failure for my mum ,my boyfriend and my self cause cause I m agorophobic,claustrophobic with GaD..feeling depressed,useless,feeling I m not the same person that I was before,feeling guilt for using drugs and alcohol since the age of 13 till middle 20 s and probably damaged my brain,feeling sad cause my brother has permanent mental issues and my sister genetic disorder,feeling ashamed cause I be been raped from my previous partner and molested from my father when I was a toddler..can life be worst then this??what s life is doing to me?

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Hi hun - having agoraphobia, claustrophobia and GAD is NOT a failure - they are illnesses and you wouldn't feel a failure if you were diabetic, would you? Same thing! Sounds like you have had a really really rough time of it, hun, not surprising you're feeling so rough. YOU should not be ashamed of being raped or being abused - the men who did it to you should be! THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!

The Samaritans are there 24/7 - yes, Christmas Day as well - you can ring them any time -

There are support organisations for victims of rape/sexual abuse - here are some of them, hun:-

Hope these help, hun, but do please keep posting, we're here for you!

Lots of love




Train80, with what you have dealt with is more thannone person in an entire lifetime. There is no doubt your current feelings are affected by your past experiences and to feel low in mood, depressed and like you are going mad are probably a spectrum of feelings that could be experienced. The websites that have been mentioned are valuable resources and could further signpost you to more help.

Hope you can access some additional support.

Love kellt


Thank you Rose And Kelt thank u for your support ,it means a lot to me!I will have a look at those u


Hi Train , I have just left my comment on your previous blog instead of this one lol crazy old bird syndrome!!! Please go back and read it x Ella x


Christmas is such a difficult time for many, it can make you feel very low and alone. It will soon be over and hopefully you can move forward. It takes time but you can and will get better itch the right support. Small baby steps forward. Sending much love to you , and surround yourself by those who care. X


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