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Anyone here understand about music downloading

I`m being driven up the wall at the moment trying to understand how to download music from a computer. I`m fed up with taking a bulky compact disc player around with me if I want to listen to music when I`m out & about. I want to have an mp3 player, & I bought one last year, but i couldn`t get it to accept music from my computer, & had to take it back to the shop. I felt really silly not being able to get my head round the technology. How do other people do it? it`s just driving me bananas!

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If it's your typical USB cable linking one, then you just plug it into the computer with the cable and then find the folder on the device where music is stored (often Windows will ask you if you want to view the folders which is helpful - if not, look on your "My Computer" and look for the device near the file called "C:" or something similar).

Once you have found the music device's music folder, open your music collection on your computer in another window.

Once you have both folders open, hold Ctrl and highlight the songs you want from your computer collection and then either:

~Left click and hold the button on your mouse and drag the songs you want to have across to the music device's music section.

~Right click on your mouse to select "copy" from the little menu, and then right click in the music device's music folder to select "paste" from the little menu.

Does this help? I've tried to be as clear as I could. ^^; Enjoy your tunes!


What sort of mp3 do you have? Windows media player doesn't usually pick up not very well known mp3 players. Try this plug in your mp3 to your pc, your pc should pop up in the right hand corner that it recognizes the device, click on this an install the hardware usually the computer can find this automatically online. Now that the hardware is install you can use it. If you go to My computer it should come up with attached devices, your mp3 should appear hear. You should be able to drag and drop music files into the folder and that should work. Try and couple then test it to see if it works. If it doesn't work install a program called bearshare. this picks up almost every mp3 player. Add your music files to bearshare library then you can add your music folders you already have an also on bearshare you can download free music. Much sure you download the free version of bearshare also. If you have any problems let me know. good luck x


I had the same problem. So I found a neighbor who was good with computers and asked him to help. He showed me how and would not take payment, so I baked him some cookies and now we're friends.


I`m building up a playlist with Amazon, where I`m buying music from, & Iv`e successfully downloaded 2 tracks onto my computer. Last year I bought an mp4 player & tried to download music onto it. It wouldn`t accept the music, so I had to take it back to the shop. I think that I`ll wait until Iv`e got a good collection of songs on my laptop, then get some advice in a computer store before I buy another device.


If you have an android mobile phone or iphone there is an app called ''google play'' which can store up to 20,000 music files. Which means you can listen to all your songs from your computer on your mobile phone and it doesnt take up any memory on your phone well apart from the app. Download google play to your mobile, download google play to your pc, add your libraby and you ready to go! also you can get a wire(i dont no its specific name) that goes from the headphone slot to an amp,car you can listen to your music anywhere on anything. hope this helps :)


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