Exposure like extreme sport


Lately as part of cbt therapy I had to start doing some exposure.Facing my fears;go to new places,use public transports,go far away from home etc..it s really hard work.sometimes I feel crazy cause it s like jumping in the Grand Canyon(like Thelma and Louise)!!in my eyes even getting on a train is an extreme sport or travel away from my house. It s really scary.it should be normal and part of my everyday life but it s not.that a why I feel so brave,facing fears it s quite hard.sometimes I manage somedays not.i m not a superhero.yet!


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5 Replies

  • I'm proud of you doing what you that is a big step, I had to start doing that like going into places by myself some days are easier then others I try not to think a lot about it to much before I do it! I wish I were a super hero lol have a blessed day! X

  • Good on ya for doing it, i know how hard it is. Keep at it Ive got my fingers crossed for you :0)

  • Thank you guys for your kind words!xxx

  • Well done train!, i couldn't have put it better! I might try thinking of getting on trains, driving and going out as extreme sports, it sounds more exciting than agoraphobia or anxiety.

  • Well done you :D I hope this reaps the benefits it deserves.

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