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Apnea, a side effect of Diazepam or some morning panic attacks?

It's me again! I've just started taking a small dosage of Diazepam since the day before yesterday. They seem to work wonders during the day; I still get a tight throat and nausea if I talk too much (is that normal?!) but I've been a lot more positive than usual. Then since yesterday evening my symptoms have changed once again, and I can only hope people get these too. I'll lay them out the same way I did in my other post. :spineyes:

- Very decreased appetite; feels like acid reflux after eating but I remember an article saying that similar symptoms, and struggling to belch relate to heart blockages.

- Feels like the chest is "sucked in" every so often.

- Fatigue, especially in the morning.7

- Whenever I eat anything, something in my back or chest tends to hurt. Usually it's my left shoulder blade.

- Rushes of pain down my neck, on the right side.

I've been sleeping unusually soundly for a change recently, but the moment I wake up in the morning, this happens, and has happened for a few mornings now:

- Uncontrollable shivering, even with extra warmth like a hot water bottle or more layers of clothes. Most shivering is around the chest.

- Racing heart even though I am at rest.

- More chest tightness and nausea than usual.

- Brief rushes of pain in the neck (right side) and chest (random places)

- Headaches that come and go

Worst of all, my parents have told me they can hear me lightly snoring, which I don't recall them ever noticing before in my life. I can't even sleep on my sides, because I feel really uncomfortable in the centre of my chest, like my insides are moving around... Am I at risk of sleep apnea here? Have I just been through all manner of mini heart conditions?! I can't see a doctor until January so I'm petrified that it's only going to get worse..!!

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Hi. Daxter. You may notice I talk too much. Is it normal? Well, it is for me! Now where did you hear about sleep apnea? You haven't been to Dr. Googles surgery I hope. This is a very rare complaint and I doubt very much you have it. Anyway the brain is too powerful to allow your heart to stop beating. Now you may not believe this but every single symptom, YES, I mean every one you describe are the symtoms of the anxiety state. They are you know, and I bet that when you see your GP he/she will tell you so. It will only get worse if you dont calm down. We have all had these symptoms at one time or another and all of us on this site are still here to tell the tale. I am not minimising how you feel. Heavens above, I know how awful it can be. But I was like you many years ago and I recovered so have many more so try not to despair. We spoke to you on your other post so you should read that again too. You WONT die in your sleep. You WONT have a heart attack neither will you develop a brain tumour. I am not a doctor but I have seen these symptoms so often as to be pretty sure I am right. You would do well to go to your GPagain if only for reassurance. What did they tell you when you got the Diazepam? They must have thought you were OK then. Diazepam can take a few days to be fully effective and can help a lot so keep taking as prescribed. Try and keep your pecker up. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hi again sweetheart, all above present and correct! I take diazepam and find them extremely helpful. These symptoms come and go and are horrible. You wouldn't wish them on anyone! It never ceases to amaze me how awful they can be. In times of great stress or excitement? they can come as a shock without warning. I can recommend setting your alarm to just a little before you usually wake and getting straight out of bed. This doesn't give your body chance to start the old familiar churning. Our bodies fool us so we have to fool them x Ella x


Oh and yes...snoring is usually a result of sleeping on your back ;) xxxxxxx


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