An Appointment with Dr. Knowitall!

You will find him on the web and I would strongly recommend that you make an appointment. He is an upstanding member of his profession. I have been to him so I know. First of all you are ushered into his waiting room by his receptionist. She looks you up and down, shakes her head, and disappears out back. On the walls are posters advertising various therapies and seminars from "Change your life in one weekend" to, "For $3000 you can meet the American Indian Chief in the USA, Big Chief Stackitaway, who will give you a personal interview in his wigwam and then you go and sit by the camp fire. Many braves then dance around you in a circle and you are guaranteed to have lost your nervous condition". You are then ushered into the presence of Dr. Knowitall. He is an elderly gentleman with slightly greying hair to give the impression of wisdom. On the walls of his consulting room are certificates and testimonials from his sponsors and admirers. Anything from hair conditioner to a Jaguar car. You tell him how you feel. The various aches and pains you have; headaches; back pain; can't swallow, etc. He looks at you in a strange way. "This is something you will have to live with", he says. "You must pull your socks up and stop behaving like a child. Snap out of it." You thank him for his kind advice, and as you go out you enquire about his fee. "Just leave you peace of mind with my receptionist, that will be enough; thank you for coming". You stand outside. You feel awful and wish to God you had never gone near him. Then you notice a sign at the end of the street. "This zone is not suitable for those of a nervous disposition. It could harm your health if you enter". Now why did I not see that sign before? I have lost my peace of mind now, but I will get it back. It will just take a bit longer, that's all.

You all know to what I am referring.The websites that give frightening information to sufferers who are vulnerable. They have their facts right but the way it is sometimes put leaves one feeling certain one has a particular illness. There is also a strong commercial interest here. They are best left alone. We frighten ourselves, do we not? Best wishes. jonathan.


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  • Humm I guess I do frighten myself!!!! Kinda deep thinking there

  • Sometimes people have to actually walk the path before they truly know what the scenery is can only imagine when you read it from a book...unfortunately even allthough doctors have the best of intentions, most have never walked on that path and have only read it from a book.......I guess thats wishes

    p.s. technically you can read all the books on golf but until you,ve played the course the info is of little help!!!!!

  • Dr Knowitall has been my constant companion for a number of years now frightening me senseless with his various pronouncements!

  • Oh Jonathan you've lost me you mean other people who are 'knowitall's or ourselves ?

    I know there are lots of people out there who claim to be able to 'cure' anxiety for a hefty fee.

    In fact there was one advertising here yesterday before being shown the door :-)

  • Sorry Penny, I did not make it very clear did I? I knew what I was saying but that does not mean everyone else does!!! Of course I did not mean us on this site. Heaven forbid. This was addressed to the websites that give out all the medical information that frightens people. You know who I mean. One has to be careful on a public site like this. The Oiks would sue you if they felt like it so I mentioned no names. I know we have the choice not to go there but it is like a magnet to some sufferers. It is the 'short term cures' I have a problem with. No need to tell you that this illness is not solved in a day, but some therapies give that impression. I was certainly not having a go at GP's either. By and large they do a great job and we would be lost without them. Sorry, Araminta, I was not getting at doctors like yours. Thanks for putting me straight Penny, and I apologise if any misunderstanding occurred. Love. jonathan.

  • I must admit I have a wonderful doctor here on the NHS. She is so calming and reassuring, has tried many drugs till I now have one that suits me and the last time I went in panicking, she put her arm around me and said. "don't worry, we will get through this, just be patient and come and see me whenever you need to" I am so lucky to have her, she makes a real difference. I wish all of you could find someone like her.

  • Penny. Have updated blog. Thanks again. J.

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