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Dear Me - A Letter to my 16 year old self!

Dear Amiee,

Firstly things get worse before they get better, but do believe me when I say they get better.

Secondly, please, for the love of god put down those scissors. You may think you're going to look like a supermodel with a pixie cut, but trust me you do not - and you will cry, for weeks. And please please put down the bleach. Dye your hair back to your natural colour and cut it out.

Thirdly, do not get your love-heart, italian writing, moon and peace sign tattoo's, you will regret them. The rose and the bird are fine - we like those.

Fourth, dump the boyfriend who treats you like shit. Seriously - he's not worth it. You meet an amazing guy at uni - and you move in with him. No I'm not kidding - you are not Bridget Jones after all.

And finally - we make it through uni! I know that seems crazy right now, but stick in at college, I know it's hard for you right now - but you're doing fine.

Love, your not that much older, but significantly wiser older self xxx


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Love it,

maybe Amiee, just needs to find out these things for herself,

didn't we all have to learn by experience.

Lets hope Amiee, can see the sense in your words.



Hi B,

Thanks! Writing this made me smile looking back on the past few years.

Just taking every day at a time, and getting a lot stronger.

A xxx


Good for you x that's lovely to read and glad you are getting stronger. This reminds me of Miranda harts autobiography it's very funny. I would write... Dear eve stop making life so bloody hard for yourself! I know we have to live and learn but boy the sixteen year old me has a long hard road ahead but she's kept a good sense of humour along the way yeah! I love this blog thanks Love eve x


Love it..........



Gosh this has made me think what mine would read like , don't think , I would be able to print it though :-o

Its really a good idea though & enjoyed reading yours





Hi WhyWhy!

Would love to hear yours, and everyone else's!

It was really good to reflect and just think for a while.

A xxx


I love this blog i cudnt say wat mine wud be like lol xxx


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