I hate this

Health anxiety and panic attacks suck!! I find myself not being able to do the things i previously loved, such as watch horror movies, listen to heavy metal, i couldn't even get through the beginning of god of war (a game) without having a panic attack! Wth. I'm going bat shit. I have my good days but mostly since September 2016 I've felt like a complete loon. Fast heart rate, depression, racing thoughts, vivid dreams. Its been a nightmare. i find comfort in everyone's posts on this site. Ive recently been put on buspar and celexa after months of skepticism i finally gave in to meds


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  • I'm similar to you, i don't have as much panic attacks but i have racing thoughts about all sorts of health problems and very vivid dreams which are crazy sometimes! Do you ever wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep?

  • Sometimes. I even have a hard time telling dreams from reality.

  • Same here, like right now I was just walking around the house and was questioning whether I am going to wake up or not. It's weird and annoying.

  • It really is. I'd rather not dream honestly

  • Where did your symptoms come from in Sept 2016? Mine came from the very first panic attack (of only 2) that I've ever had, which was mariajuna induced, Nov 2015

  • It just randomly happened on sept 16th 2016. No reason behind it. But i cant smoke weed anymore which makes me sad πŸ˜”

  • Why can't you? Did it give you anxiety??

  • It gives me panic attacks now

  • Same happened to me and I haven't been the same since smh and that was Nov 2015

  • Do you go to any kind of therapy?

  • I have a therapist. Didn't help much, honestly

  • Thought about possibly trying a different therapist?! Therapist can be like medicine, you have to try a few before you get the right one that helps a lot. I've got a psychiatrist and a psychologist for more non medicine approach

  • Loveydovey0519, so having anxiety is doable without meds? I've had health abiety since october 16 from fast heart. I've been prescribed zoloft but reluctant to take it. Therapy hasn't helpede so much either

  • It is, I myself take medicine for it and have been for the past 5-6 years. That is why I have a psychiatrist (she prescribes my medicine) then my psychologist does (cbt and other therapy).

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