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Had a visitor today:-)

Well my other half came to see me. Has just left. I actually feel on top of the world. Got a lovely christmas card where he has apologised and thanked me for being so supportive.

He has took my advice and spoke to his Mum today. They have had a good chat about things. Due to her condition whether it sinks in, only time will tell. At least he has got things off his chest.

He has said he will be ok, just needs to rest and get some energy back. I did show him on here. Ok he was half hearted about it, but i reassured him that a lot of you feel the same.

Love Lou


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So pleased to hear you've had a good afternoon together.

I'm glad to hear he's been able to talk to his mum too. I know from my own experience how hard that can be and yes, it might not have registered but then you can be surprised by the things that stick so here's hoping she's grasped what's going on. It will improve things for him if she is more on side but I wouldn't expect too much. The important thing as you say is he has had the chat.

Take Care,




I am not expecting too much. I can see from you all on here the rollercoaster you all are on.

He seems to have listened to me lately, as i have told him to talk to work and now his Mum and he has.

Enjoy the buzz while it lasts. First time since this has happened that felt a some hope.

Hope you are ok and having a good weekend.




Hi. lou. If you remember I did suggest some time ago about getting your partner to have a look at this site. He may feel alone in his anxiety and the reassurance may help. Things could be looking up and I am so pleased for you. Keep up the good work.. Love. jonathan.


Dearest Jonathan

I do take onboard what you say, and i did show him today this site. I told him how you all feel tired at times. I told him how you keep me going and how it helps me understand a little how he is feeling and getting on.

i know that i could be in a couple of days blogging something thats naff again. Today has given that something to carry on fighting with him. He did come here off his own back, and that means a lot to me.

Big hugs and love to you

Lou xxx


It's like that for all of us Lou, one step forward two steps back. That's why it's so important you're here today celebrating the little victories.

I don't know about you but for me the good stuff so easily gets lost in the gloom. It's really helpful to look back at my past posts and say oh yes, that was a good day.

Little by little we're gaining ground.x


Those uplifting moments help towards the down times. It was just so nice today. I know we have a long way to go. As daft as it sounds his card shows me that he does appreciate me. Keep that close for the bad times.

Lou, xx


Hi Lou!

So happy for you to hear about the development!!

I know you're cautious right now - as you're uncertain whether its gonna be a 1 step forward 2 steps backwards kinda situation. But don't think about that now! Just enjoy and be happy for the positive development and the fact he appreciated you being there for him all along.

So happy for you gal! Fingers crossed the good work and developments don't stop here!

Lots of hugs.


Thanks Maya

One small step at a time.

How you getting on? Things any better for you.

Know where we are.

Love Lou. xxxx


Oh Lou ! That's lovely! I am glad you have had a visit and reassurance! You have planted a seed, ya never know?? I was cynical (yes I was) when I first came across this site. I am happy to say I've never looked back since! Yes things are moving for you at last

Love and Hugs x Ella x


Dear Ellabella.

This site is a life saver all round. I think how lucky i am to meet such lovely people, even though its a crappy way of having to meet you all.

I cant speak to my face to face friends. First thing i do is come on here and share things. You dont judge, you help.

I am just having to sort something out now for him thats cropped up. I hope it doesnt stress him out, as you know the tiniest little thing has a knock back effect. Well yesterday has given me that extra fight in me to help him if we are gona have another low mood today.

Big massive hugs and love to you.

Lou xxx


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