hi all :-)

was at the school waiting to pick the boys up and even thou I carried on in a conversation I felt a bit detached and weired. I knew it was my anxiety making its appearance again. walking on to the school grounds itself I felt all shaky and the feeling of passing out, which I used to get alot when anxiety first came to me. well I carried on fetching the boys and went to the shop on my way home and got Christmas cards even thou it was still with me. before I would of totally panicked but I just carried on with what I was doing. I didn't let it get to me, and it never got any worse, I feel more me again now. I have come on a lot when it comes, as I've trained my mind not to panic. it's times when it comes back and u realise after how much better your getting of not letting it panic you and there for it gets weaker if you get what I mean. xxxxxx have a good weekend people xxx


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  • Hi donaf...... the same thing happened to me on wednesday when i was at my daughters nativity play as i walked into the hall my legs felt really shaky my hands were all sweaty i felt kind of spun out its hard to explain.. anyway my first thought was to run back out but i thought NO WAY im here for my daughter so i sat down on a bench at the back and just calmed myself down eventually it passed and i cant tell you how pleased i was with myself and i even went to the shops after.. like you said we have weakened anxiety and well done you... Lisa x

  • well done Lisa, good on you to. it's nice when you can see your self getting thou it without adding more panic to it and when you don't let it stop you enjoying your self. xxx

  • It's so good to hear these stories .........when that fear comes it's so tempting to run and hide. That is what our bodies tell us to do but our rational thinking brains tells us that the fear is coming from the anxiety and that we can break through the fear and carry on with what we need to do.

    The best bit is that each time that happens the fear is less because we have overcome it. As you said donaf it gets weaker and weaker.

    Lisa great news too ......you have done your daughter proud, I know it's not easy but you did it !!!!!!!


  • Yes well done! I had a "do" in Asda on Thursday and just carried on although I was with my daughter' I don't tell her when it happens because we don't want a fuss do we. Quietly getting on with it is hard to do. I was exhausted when I got home though and for the whole night, fell asleep at 9.30 till 5 next morning. Do you feel drained after a "do" ? x Ella x

  • Hi

    Funny enough it happened to me as well.panicking inthe school playground is quite embarrassing in fact.I m so proud of u..u carried on after all.Well done u!!!

  • Success Ella .........and success is good, you did it. Not surprised you felt drained but how good it is to feel that you managed ......and in Asda at this time of year too!!! PL

  • Hi everyone..... thats for all the support this site is such a huge comfort for me much love Lisa x

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