ive become fightened of geting on a bus or in a car

Had anxiety for 6 years now yesterday morning i was waitng for a bus to go to work and as it was a bank holiday had to wait quite a while i could feel the panic slowly rising and got that horrible churning stomach and my legs turned to jelly i know when i get those feelings a panic attack is about to come on and i got an overwhelming fear of getting on the bus the bus eventualy turned up and i couldnt get on it ended up waking to work in a real state and was late i wouldnt mind it isnt even a long bus journey! then this morning my friend came to pick me up in the car and i was frightened to get in the car and panicked all the way there :o( im now dreading getting on a bus again but if i dont this while seriously inhibit my life even more is i live quite rural and rely on transport has anybody else felt like this and does it pass?


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  • Hi I can really relate to you.I have to get the bus home from work every day and about 15 minutes before I leave work I get anxious at the thought of getting on the bus.I told a very good friend about this and she told me to think that the bus is a safe place and nothing is going to happen to me on there.Now as I walk down for the bus I just say over and over again its a safe place its going to be fine.I will buy a magazine or crossword and start to do this as soon as I sit on the bus and before I know it Im home again.Just keep saying its a safe place its a safe place and it will change those negative thoughts to a positive one hope this helps you Sharon x

  • hi sharon thanks for your comment i will try that in the morning, i keep thinking about having to get on the bus again which is probably making it worse im talking myself into having another panic attack! x

  • Hi dont think about it just keep thinking its only a bus what is the worst that can happen in reality !! I will do the same tomorrow just keep thinking its safe its safe and it will become your safe place when you are waiting for the bus distract yourslf I people watch or count bricks in buildings anything to distract me from the thinking .You can do it be strong x

  • thank you x

  • your welcome good luck xx

  • Hi how did it go did you manage on the bus xx

  • hi thanks for the message i felt really bad but i did get on the bus i was a bag of nerves and shaking like a leaf waiting for it and when i saw it coming i nearly ran home but i forced myself to get on it felt really nervous on bus and close to tears but fortunatley it isnt a long bus ride im just going to have to keep forcing myself to do it and hopefuly it will get easier i just dont understand it as ive never had a bad experience on a bus?! Did u feel the same again today when leaving work? x

  • Hi firstly well done you for going through with it.Yes I had a bad attack before I left for the bus but got on and wrote a blog on here on my phone the focus was all on that and not on the bus before I knew it it was time to get off,just keep getting on and it will get easier but WELL DONE YOU XXX

  • thank you sharon :0) i kept feeling like i was going to burst out crying and embarass myself or i would hyperventilate and pass out but i held it together i did have a little cry in secret when i got to work a mixture of relief i had made it and frustration that i cant just get on a bus like other people and not even think about it. ive bought some rescue drops from holland and barrett and maybe its mind over matter but they did make me i little calmer when i tried them before x

  • no need to thank me love ,you are the one who did it and will continue to do it Im sure.Think I will have to invest in those drops also. xx

  • Whenever I find myself in a situation like this (and also waiting around) and getting anxious, I play games on my mobile to distract and calm myself down. Has to be a game that I have to use a bit of brains though. I know it's not ideal but does work for me.

  • hi thanks for your comment i downloaded my favourite songs onto my phone and have started wearing my headphones so i can concentrate on the music to distract myself it has been helping to keep me a bit calmer the waiting for the bus is the worst part then when i see it coming i feel frightened of gettin on it but the music is helping x

  • I used to take my mp3 player with me when I went shopping by myself and concentrate on the music. It used to help. Another thing I do (I know it sounds stupid Lol) is to wear baseball cap when I'm out. It restricts my view and I can look at the ground and not see people. The other benefit is that people don't tend to talk to someone who wears one! Lol

  • I was going to suggest music Marien, but it seems you've hit that idea yourself, well done. One thing to be aware of is "Fear of fear" sometimes when we've had a bad experience somewhere we can tend to avoid that place or situation. Avoidance is not always the best idea, I know as it's something I've done for over 20 years or more, especially regarding buses etc.

    You've done well to face this issue head on, it take's much bravery and strength, congratulations. Keep up the good work, pat yourself on the back mentally and remember you can get through those situations.

  • thank you for your comment i agree that avoidance will just feed the anxiety and isnt an option as i rely on transport for work etc the music has certainly helped just concentrating on the lyrics has been a good distraction x

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