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Hi all :-)

Hello everyone, hope ur all doing ok? I really need to move my butt and clean up again, I'm really slacking today but hate sitting here thinking it needs to be done lol then I can have a nice bath and go to my moms the night. I need to be there before 7 as of watching the voice :-)

My name came out the hospital after 8 weeks on Tuesday late afternoon. She's in the living room as she can't get out of bed. The carers come out every four hours the last time at 8 in the evening. Shes very thin but as ate abit more since coming out, better them nothing at all. I'm in her bed upstairs with the boys instead of on the settee.

As for my anxiety I've had abit today while I was at bingo. It doesn't help wen I've felt bloated all day and abit sick. At least I've happy news this morning that my mate has her little boy at half twelve today. Can't wait to have my Bradley :-) 24 wks left to go xxx

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I ment my nan :-/


Hi Donaf.

You will have to get a move on you've only got 2 hours and the cleaning won't do itself. I like the name you have chosen for your baby I hope your nan starts to pick up soon.

Take care Kenny xxxx


Hi donna . Just hr and half now. So up ya get lol. Or ya miss some of the voice. Also would like to say bradley is a nice name. Im looking forward to seeing the pics of you both in the future. I hope your nan improves donna.

Take care





Just over an hour now , I hope you have a front seat so you can watch my Will-i-am , this could cheer you up :-D



Hi Donna

Oh you are pregnant & you do such a lot I am not surprised you have days where you feel like just doing nothing & I bet your house is spotless anyway :-/

Do a quick tidy round & get to your Mums quick my Will-i-am will be on soon even I stop everything for that :-D

Hope you Nana is ok :-)





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