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Run Forest Run

I would love to get in my car an just leave an not look back! I'm tired of myself, but of course little ole anxiety would be right there next to me sucker would probably drive if I would let him lol!!!! I start seeing a new counselor Monday hopefully this one will help with my phobia of meds they kept me on the Ativans so here I go again I hate this an not liking myself much lately feel like such a weak minded person I want to be my ole self again but maybe a little stronger. Thanks for listening!!!

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Hi mimisings, i too had a dreadful fear of taking meds again, i was on ssri's for over 10 years and i came off them 4 years ago, only for anxiety/panic attacks to come back 6 months after i stopped taking meds, which i could not cope with any longer and started taking prozac in October (nearly 10 weeks), i must say, it has been a roller coaster ride, it did make my anxiety worse for a couple of days, but now its subsided, ive just got problems in my life atm which is making me feel a bit depressed, but the anxiety has weakened. I do still get nervous if something happens, but its not as bad.

i too wish i could just get in my car and drive away but id only have to come back to my problems and atm i cannot leave my poor old dog, who is suffering with the cold, she's on medication for pain, last resort the vet can do for her is to just make her comfortable.

anyways, if you ever need a rant, its always good to come on here, god knows how many times ive vented my rants out this week and last, mainly because ive got no one else to talk to about my problems, and as everyone says, its good to talk and a problem shared, is a problem halved, or something like that.

Hope your'e feeling ok




Thankyou Lin yes I have ranted on here Agee times myself lol I guess you sometimes wish it would all just stop an so true I could not leave my dogs either! Have a blessed evening xxxx


Hi Mimi, I've just been reading blogs on here and I think we are all in the same frame of mind!!! Maybe we should hire a cruise ship and take our pets with us! plus an army of docs! Rant away as much as you like, it's what we are here for to help each other and get support ourselves . Can't think of better people to be in the company of :) x Ella x


Oh my word sounds good but Lord no way I would be flipping out my luck it would be titanic all over again lol. Xxxxx


lol oh ellabella this made me laugh a bit, i can imagine me gettin on the cruise ship and hanging on to one of the life boats, we would deffo need a lot of sympathetic drs and pyschologists on board with us, ive watched titanic too many times i think lol.....oh an er the cruise ship that crashed onto the rocks, was it the concordia? my sister was on it 3 years before it sank!


Oh so true you made me laugh so hard I was spitting because I would be right with you!!!!!! xxxxxx



Five doctors and two psychiatrists available at all times.

Homeopathic and herbal remedy practitioners on board.

Special meals provided with 'tasters' to prevent fear of poisoning.

Special 'drip' sessions for those who want to vent their feelings.

Life boats fully equipped with tranquilisers and tabs.

Pharmacy on board.

Horror films or any other controversial stuff banned.

Quiet relaxing music at all times.

Special stabilisers to prevent nervous sickness.

No children. No undue noise. No foghorns even in fog.

Decor in soft subdued colours.

Captain and staff have all 'been there', so are sympathetic.

Double bolts on all cabin doors for feeling of security.

"Pull your socks up" or "Snap out of it" brigade will not be allowed on board.

High outboard rails to prevent passengers from jumping overboard.

No energetic games allowed on deck.

Gambling prohibited. (Well, the odd flutter allowed).

Getting stroppy, fighting or other aggressive activity will result in a good talking to.

No fear of cruise ship accidents as ship will not leave port.

Cost? As much as you can afford. DHSS catered for. Sorry, no animals except dogs, cats, monkeys, snakes etc.



Oh my word we have all became comedians I have not laughed this hard in such a long time I truly love all of you!!!! Your comment beats it all xxxxx


Sign me up but can we choose to be docked in a warm port please!!!


I hope you know that has made me cry with laughing and frightened my cat to death! OMG! I ache all over LOL LOL :D ;D Belter Jon! I'm belly laughing!! I can't wait !!!!!! When are we going ????? LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Soon as you like ella. We do provide a coach to the docks at no extra charge. Love. jonathan.


Lol me too cxxx


Lol only on here xxxx


Hi. mim. I do hope you do not feel I took over your blog and treated it lightly. I just couldn't resist what ella said about cruise ships! Seriously, I do know how you feel. To drive away from it all would be nice but, unfortunately, we still take ourselves with us. One thing is sure and that is that you are NOT a weak minded person. None of us are. We didn't ask for this, it was thrust upon us by circumstances often beyond our control. My attitude to medication is that we should treat it as we would a crutch if we had a broken leg. Throw it away when the leg is healed. The one you are on at the moment, as far as I am aware, is not addictive as are some tranquilisers. But even these can be 'tapered' off when no longer needed. I hope you have some success with your new counsellor. To me there is no substitute for a face to face talk with a good counsellor. Love. jonathan.


Oh johnathen I enjoyed it so much like I said it made me laugh so hard esp the part of not leaving the port as is written laughter is medicine to the soul love you all we need more laughter for sure xxxxxxxxxxxx


So Happy you had a good laugh Mimi and all! Sometimes it's the best thing! and if we can laugh at ourselves that is a gift! Bless You xxxxxxxxx


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