All over for another year!

Well it's all over again. I do love Xmas Day, opening gifts, eating lots of food, drinking and crying over kids films and Doctor Who haha. Toy Story 3 was brilliant and Doctor Who, wow just wow. Anyway I was happy with what Santa (aka my parents got me) Breaking Bad Season 1 and 2 and The Walking Dead Season 3 on DVD. I also got myself a Xmas Jumper, wore it all day and love it. Parents loved their gifts too. Did have one panic, no milk! Found a nice little shop who was happy to see her and I got free chocolate! Bonus lol. One little issues, I've got tingley lips and my chin feels numb but it's happened before and passed in time. It's a pain but I can deal with it.

So how was everyone's day?


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6 Replies

  • Hi Cardiffgirl

    Sounds like you had a lovely day & made me smile with the Christmas jumper , my son likes wearing his to :-)

    What would we do without the corner shops , no matter how organized we are it is so easy to forget something like milk , I think we are that busy remembering the treats !

    As you say bonus as free chocolate was been offered :-)

    Its so positive to read how even though you have some numbness & tingling which I get to that you are saying Oh well had it before I can cope ,that is a sign of the way you are thinking starting to change , well done :-)

    Enjoy your DVD'S :-)




  • Hello WhyWhy - It was a lovely day :) This numb/tingly feeling I think is just anxiety and will pass in a few days. I don't want to panic over it. I feel it's a part of me now so just keep on going unless my mind runs away with itself.

  • Hi I get it in my cheek & sometimes it goes in my lip , I have had it on &of for years coming & going they can never find anything wrong so have accepted it as anxiety

    A doctor once explained to me we have hundreds of nerves in out bodies & when we are anxious to imagine them like spaghetti getting all knotted up & when they do they pull tighter giving us these sensations , but when we start to relax they unravel & the sensations go again

    Some how the explanation made sense to me when I thought about it

    Enjoy one of your DVD'S & hopefully with some distraction they will start to unravel :-)


  • Hi Cardiffgirl, loved Toystory and Doctor Who too though had to miss Corrie as it was on at same time :D glad you had a lovely time , saw a lot of ppl getting shopping from garages yesterday when I went to pick up my auntie will need to get more milk and fags later myself :D

    Mimii xx

  • Hi Cardiff.

    I must admit I did enjoy toy story but I'm not a Dr Who fan I loved Mrs Brown I know it's rather vulgar but it is so funny.

    Kenny :) xxx

  • I also loved Mrs Browns Boys, so rude but very funny. When Mrs Brown was on the Xmas Tree and Grandad was moving it around, I was crying with laughter. Can't wait for the next one on New Years Day (or Eve, cant remember)

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