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why do i have these odd feelings

I'm not very confident at going out but do set myself challenges to go so yesterday i decided i wouldn't drive to the village( which is not even a mile away) i'd walk and go to the bank, the post office and a new gift shop for a present. it was a lovely day and i so wanted to feel myself again but as usual i felt unbalanced and my head was heavy , i felt i was walking on marshmallows and was afraid i would knock into someone when i passed them on the path. Is this normal for anxiety as i felt i wasn't worried about going out. Will this feeling ever leave me and i can be myself again.

I'd very much appreciate your help. thank you hugs x

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Hi yeah its normal. I too went out yesterday, did nt feel at all anxious, going out isnt something that causes me anxiety usually. Got to b and m all the shelving started coming in at me, peoples muted conversations seemed to be getting shouted down my ears, all wobbly, made it to the till went back home and was horrendous the rest of the day!

I dont know if it ll ever go, i dont think it will. Its just a case of trying to live with it and enjoying the moments when were free of it. Try not to let it put you off going out again, its such a fickle condition, next time you go out all might be well!

looking glass xxx

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thank you looking glass,i know the feeling exactly how you'v described, the shelving coming in etc. Its not nice and scares me to death but like you say perhaps we have to live with this now and no two days are the same. I'v get to do the food shopping tomorrow so lets hope it all goes well and i actually like being in the shop like i used to. Hope you get on ok. hunnybug hugs x


Hi iv been suffering from this going out anxiety for quite a while,I get anxious if I knw I ave to go out ie,like the dentist ,days before I get terrified ,it's rather silly I know,I feel I'm gonna collapse or something my chest goes tight, I do have asthma ,,I live alone so thers no one to help me but myself ,I make myself go out an day one day at a time,I know people will help if I get into difficulty,just one day at a time,I hope to conquer ths some day


I used to look at people going to the supermarket and wonder, "Will I ever be able to do that again?". I had such terrible anxiety and just could not go there, mine was also linked to a name phobia that I had, ( still have but not so bad now).I now go to the supermarket, had to drag the husband along there but can now go on m my own. It still causes me some anxiety but I do go and get out alive !!! This fear in our minds sops us doing so many things. I don't know if I will ever be 100% but I am doing the best I can to get along with life.. I had to take small steps , lots of help and support and also rest to get this far but life has got a bit better for me. Hope it can for you too. Julie xx


Hi Hunnybug, I get exactly that, these symptoms of walkingmon marshmallows, I feel like my eyes go all funny to and I get a really pressure down the back of my head and it starts to pound :( I always wonder whether I will be free of this but right now I feel its a long way off :( My problem is I don't believe its anxiety and theres something else happening and today will be the day that I do collapse! Or this panic attack feels different, something will definitely happen this time..


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