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I cant believe ive got eczema :O

I went the Drs tonight with my itchy rash and the dr said it looks like eczema and gave me 2 corticosteroid creams and oilatum emolient to put in the bath. Ive never had eczema before :/. The cream the dr gave me tho is a god send, the itching has been driving me nuts and probably adding to my depression, but its eased it a bit, maybe i can get a better nights sleep.

Anyway as for my mood, the dr said give the meds a bit more time and ive got to try and get out a bit more, easy said than done. I will try tho.

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He didn't tell you to cut out the 3 tabs in your washing machine then? :)


Hi. linny. Eczema is a stress complaint. It is in the same category as asthma and hay fever. They are all tied up with the nervous system (believe it or not)! I had eczema as a child and as an adult and it can be rotten. What hollow says is worth looking at. We sometimes get this from using detergents without gloves or from some soap products. Meds do take time. As for getting out more, well, try telling a bloke with a broken leg to go jogging!!! Don't understand, do they? Of course you must try and that means moving toward recovery. But do not push yourself beyond your limits. You cannot force recovery, it will take it's own sweet time. But you can help it along. Best wishes. jonathan.


lol Jonathan, Hollow thought i put 3 liquid tabs in my washing machine, when i meant 'bold 3' liquid tabs, we got our wires crossed a tad lol im using persil colour now ;).

Its a scary world out there, but i will try and go for a walk or drive, i did feel a bit better when i drove to the drs and then to asda last night to pick up my prescription, i just felt a bit 'lost', i cant think of a better to word to describe it. When i come back home my fella was in and 'put a guilt trip' on me again cos id not done his tea and i think he;s a bit fed up with me. I understand he works hard and expects his tea when he gets home, but i just cant face cooking, it feels like ive give up. i hate cooking anyway, and after 25 plus years of doing it cos i raised 4 kids on my own, im just a bit fed up of doing it, and i run out of ideas of what to cook, im like aahhh sod it cba. I feel lazy


Sorry, linny, but would it hurt for him to get his own tea for once? We blokes can be very selfish at times and expect 'the little women' to be on call day and night. This must be a 'mother' thing and the mothers who wait on their child hand and foot have a lot to answer for. I am not being unkind but he should understand you are ill. This is not some passing thing like a cold. It takes time and perseverance to come out; but above all ENCOURAGEMENT and UNDERSTANDING. I say as I have said before, it is not his fault and his actions are probably the result of past events that have been 'laid' on him just as they have been on us. How difficult this illness is. If a relationship is not strong (I am not saying yours isn't) it can break it. The people near us need as much courage as we do. Bless you. Love. jonathan.


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